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4 better than 2 in my opinion, ending in 4 is perfect and has better controls, 2 is great until the end when it gets a bit silly with story, only if you judge them now though to be fair 2 is quite old now but still holds up well

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True online play should be free as it's the publisher/Devs providing the servers the minority of the time

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Sony are making billions a year on ps plus, last year including psnow they made 3.61bil Vs only 1.3bil on physical software sales, digital yearly sales make about 5.1bil.
Basically you have no chance Microsoft may do it if rumours are to be believed but psplus would be a hard sell with just 3 games a month.

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I played on series X and I haven't played a worse football game for a couple of generations.
I understand it's a test but for me to delete after half a match shows how bad it is.
And I liked all recent pro evos.

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It's Sony's choice to put it on gamepass not the MLB's

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@Darkbourn I'm 99% certain that MLB won't have made them put it on gamepass, that will have been Sony's choice.

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Same price but when you can get a year of gamepass ultimate for the same price it makes buying a year franchise on Xbox pointless.

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At least quite a few games run 4k 60 and ms won't tell Devs what they have to do.
Where as Sony have complete control over its packaging and put a great big gold 8k on the front of the box even though the ps5 can't output in 8k at all

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Surprised more people are not looking at this , it's by far and away the best looking next gen game

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It looks like the opposite side to the coin of hellblade, i.e. real life and fighting demons outside of the head. It's the same actress.

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I enjoyed it but got stuck , puzzles are good, frame rate was not but I did play at launch

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So you had your brand new ps5 banned because you have given away/sold the psplus collection would you be ok with that?
Also Sony's digital rights policy technically isn't legal in many countries as it goes against consumer rights and this court case highlights this.

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Banning owners of consoles for selling the digital version of the ps plus collection that came with the ps5 is wrong.
They are not tampering with the console they are reselling digital games they have not used or unlocked.
Sony needs to sort out it's refund policy and digital games policies not ban consumers for trying to sell something they own.

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When you strip everything back you can really see how great the animation is.
It's amazing how far games have come.

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Perfect explanation and you still get downvoted lol.

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Why is it stupid when they stated it works the other way around with miles Morales.

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Can imagine quite a few people doing this to get two versions of miles Morales, it works the other way around with the PS4 version granting access to the ps5 version.
Don't see why it's so daft of people to try after all most people going to ps5 have a PS4 too.

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I don't believe Bethesda games will be on playstation bar ones like death loop tide into a contract.
Nether Microsoft or Bethesda are allowed to officially comment until an acquisition has been fully completed.

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Just drop this here
The games are likely to be similar sizes give or take a couple of gig.
Link is for series X file size story on gamespot

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Price is often taken into account, do you think alot of low budget indie games could compete score wise with a $100,000,000 game on an even level.
Trust me if untitled goose was $70 it wouldn't be in a game of the year conversation.

Personally I think they should mention collectors edition in reviews to point out what your investing the extra money in.

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