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It's never as straight forward as that, when next gen kicks in that will become the base for the game engines, so you could buy this card and the game engine maybe bound with the 8 core CPU.

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And you see alot of crossover titles looking like they have a minor upgrade one or two titles looking ok then within 6 months something big lands

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@captaintravel they also buy and own the chip design from amd and mass produce the chips themselves.

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It's unlikely they will be so high because of EU regulations, they won't allow games consoles to be classed as pcs and force them under different regulations, I remember ms trying to get them reclassified for tax reasons mainly and if you notice the Xbox one at launch and the PS4 used around the same power because of this.
SSD will help a little to save power no moving parts etc and ms seems to have gone with a larger case to help with cooling, bigger fan running slower maybe...

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Is it about being exclusive or is it about guaranteeing the company breaks even, more exclusives are made at the start of every gen because games are expensive to produce and not many people to sell too, makes sense to get exclusivity on both formats as it's less risk.
Epic want to grow as does Sony with ps5, it's worth it to taking small early losses to get software support for the launch.

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I guessed the answer but didn't message dam, this one I don't even know where to start.

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I thought it was plague tale and was obviously wrong, this one was much easier hopefully.

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The idea of this looked great but it's been so badly done it reminds me of a very bad version of Amazon prime video compared to Netflix without any choice at all.
It's far worse than say playstation plus or Xbox live, and compared to game pass which was more akin to what I was hoping for it's terrible.
Will hold off getting a streaming service till it proves better value than buying a console.

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I was genuinely interested in stadia but was hoping for a Netflix style streaming service with all the games for free and next to no cost for the system etc, but this pricing system kills it for me.
I will wait for a ps5 and stick with cheap games and ps plus

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I think there maybe two models of ps5 one with a 4k blu ray player and one that's digital but to keep the shops happy you you could download game onto and cartridge say 128 GB mobile phone style cheaper memory that transferred to ssd when added to ps5

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Personally my favourite games this gen have been slower paced, I loved what remains of Edith Finch, everybodys gone to rapture and the vanishing of eithan carter.

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And buys FIFA ever year because this year it has the most realistic ball mechanic's ever.

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Assuming your telling the truth and i have seen you on here for many years and no reason to doubt you, would you be able to let me know if the PS4 version will carry over to ps5 or is it a separate version or an upgrade option it could influence my purchase of a PS4 copy .

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Story mode in battlefronts pretty good, I bought ea access for everything else as I already had battlefront in a sale.

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Lol at around 42 seconds as the cops use their special moves to turn the trees into holograms.

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Yes he's correct to an extent but for me other things can break realism like character animation and not to come across racist but black players in games like NBA 2k seem almost photorealistic but if your white and have blond hair you look so out of place.
FIFA is far worse for character models I played FIFA 19 for the first time last night and despite but quite a big football fan some of the players look way out they just don't seem to show the game the love nba2k does.

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For the PS5 I would get rid of the touch pad, I would make the Dpad and analogue stick interchangeable like a locking barrel and held in securely, use latest version of Bluetooth.
And maybe some way of splitting controlers to use as two motion controllers which you could in theory do with no touch pad.

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Lol the world isn't just America, what about the rest of the world.
They make them there for bigger profit margin and they technical skill to mass produce China are years ahead.

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Microsoft and Sony should band together as the US has always been a lower value product than in the rest of the world and launch later in the US as they won't be able to keep up with production anyway and sit back and watch the massive backlash.

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@reddevils nobody makes money on console hardware to begin with all the money is in game sales, ms/Sony will make more money from digital sales no disk/ packaging to produce no second hand market etc, so they could knock off quite a bit of money early on to make more cash in the long run, plus console may run cooler if the case has more room.

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