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Not gameplay but the trailer was in game engine watch the trailer at the start it even states it.

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If Nintendo or sega made one with the entire catalogue of games built in it would sell like crazy. Would love a 128gb handheld Dreamcast/gamecube with all games built in.

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To be fair I thought the same thing about horizon zero dawn, I thought crap name, robotic dinosaurs hunted with spears and bows, who's gonna buy that.
But I bought it, and to be fair your better generating hype on as the game launches or all excitement of a new ip fizzles out.

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@cpayne I don't really want a remake as it's a bit slow and clunky like you said, but I would like more games to implement different objectives into skill settings, or even better coop with different objectives like perfect dark zero.

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Goldeneye was good if a little slow, had plenty of still unused ideas even now, why nobody has copied goldeneye's approach to different difficultly levels I will never know, maybe most companies don't think it's worth the extra effort.

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The biggest obstacle would be creating a standard, football, golf, just about any Olympic sports have stayed similar for years but tech and gaming evolve rapidly, they would have to pick a game at the start of the 4 year cycle not not change it at all to make it fair.
Also fps won't make great TV as you can't see what everyone is doing at once, fighting games probably have the best chance as you can see the whole thing and it's different enough from a real world cou...

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To be fair if the writer is from the UK how would he know it wasn't on the US store.

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It will have a small heat sinc at most, probably non at all, I think the sides remove to allow for a vr cardboard style vr, it will have one of the best mobile chips out there and I wouldn't be surprised if they put a sim feature in it so it could be used as a mobile phone. X

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I've owned most consoles since my first console a coloco vision, I could list them all but I won't bore you I also worked in an indie games shop.
Anyway my point is uncharted 4 is the best game I've played since ff7/zelda a link to the past.
So even though I haven't played tomb raider yet I'm pretty confident it won't be' way better' than a game that took 20years to best.

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Maybe I'm getting old and my reaction time are not what they used to be but I'm really struggling to get anywhere with this game.

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And streaming at 4k they heavily compress everything so the bit rate ends up far below what 4k should be.

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I'd wait as long as possible, save up and buy both at the same time, currently scaling normal 1080p stuff still looks rough around the edges to me.
And there is always the possibility of a change of standard to support over 30fps.

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What right to refuse? in 2010 for example we voted no to policys 23 times and abstained 18 times and each time the laws were past and we have adhered to them as European regulations over rule ours.

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The European Union will never work, every nation fights for different things, I. e. freedom of movement must be adhered to unless it's Poland joining then Germany bent the rules and said no way.
My friend I work with was a UK farmer and moved to France because he got an extra €20,000 than he got in England.
Until everyone plays by the same rules the European Union will never work.

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Ps4/xbone were limited by EU laws that dictated how energy efficient they had to be, which is why they focused on the Gpu and the cpu was clocked at quite a low.

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Just looked at UK price and it's £499

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It £499, or $599 too much for me.

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Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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Nothing I've played this year comes close to the vanishing of eithan Carter.

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Rogue legacy was a better ps plus platformer in my opinion.

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