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Surely a complete game without microtransactions is a good thing .

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@yoshatabi and ssj27 they are using mario as a character thus breaking copyright what they can do if it's taken down is change the character to something else , Change stars to something else .
Can you imagine if it got taken down and someone turned it into a parody as revenge.
The evil Dr miamotor has kidnapped all the games and super sackboy has to recapture all the stolen nostalgia

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I think they will price the same as the ps5, they won't want to lose ground early.
As for the 1x that will get grouped with the xbone like a 4k machines and as for the series x that will be kept almost separate probably grouped with a pc version of the game , pc requirements will go up and probably require an SSD etc.

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Sf5 has been in alot of heavily discounted sales too, I bet alot of the sales bar the release copies have been in sales.

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Or it's for making current gen games running on next gen hardware look much nicer without any updates.

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Most devs are making mobile phone games, small teams with a quick turnaround and low costs.

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That's alot mate in the UK companies are falling over themselves to get you to join them, 3 have said no extra 5g cost (I'm sure I heard that) I'm on sim only for £10 per month for 10gb data unlimited text and 500mins, I bought a phone from China with high specs for the price for around £250 you can get amoled screen Snapdragon 855 and good camera's

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I have an OG launch PS4 that got a bit noisy so I took it to bits and couldn't believe how much dusty crap collected by the Apu

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@armyvetgamer I only own a PS4 and before that just a 360 and before that just about every console known to man including obscure stuff like a cd32.

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It's entirely dependent on how they do it, take Forza for instance, if they use the old engine for the Xbox one and build an entirely new one for pc and series x then it could work.
But if they build one engine to service all then it will back fire.

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I bought a PS4 at launch over 6 years ago, I have owned psplus since launch and have well over 150 games in my library possibly closer to 200 with all free to play stuff.
Psplus I have got on deals either by cdkeys wallet top up or cdkeys psplus top up roughly around £35 per year
My point is pc gaming for me with a family isn't cheaper
£35 X6 years = £210 + £325 I think it was at launch is £535 plus a small hand full of second hand game...

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Get in there Dirk Diggler.

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£479.49 always needs to end with a 9 😁

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I hope the two hdmis output my amp won't do hdr but will do DTS master audio etc, so I have to sacrifice sound for picture quality.

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I imagine it going more the other way with ending of 4 and everyone grows up .

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Your right I just presumed it would follow the disks lol, really in a way disk 2 and three had similar content bar golden saucer I think and obviously cut scenes, has been a long time since I played on release on PS1 though.

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@ssj27 no offense mate but what will this ever have to do with ps5 .
Even the name should drop a pretty big hint where this will be available.
What's next am really angry and I'm getting a ps5 and Xbox game pass is coming to ps5 too you know

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People don't get too worked up about exclusivity as consoles are similar spec not like the cell days.
But what does bother me a little bit is they split the game into three parts and charge full price for each.

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Is this a rumour or is it confirmed as I can't find anything official anywhere.

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Egde tends to review honestly and not get caught up in the hype infact 9 times out of 10 they review big games much harder than unique Indies, they have a slight Nintendo bias but if you read the reviews instead of just the score they always explain.
I remember the morrowind review they gave it a 7 stating that it was a curators egg it's either the best game ever and it's a 10 or you absolutely hate it and it's a zero so they gave it a 7.
Can imagine similar reas...

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