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Dlss is so good it's have hard to tell the difference for native 4k, go watch control video analysis from digital foundry no need for native anymore.

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@morganfall, cloud power reminders me of when cd's were used for the first time in consoles noone knew how to use it (dodgy fmv intros etc)
Look at ms flight SIM streaming in 2000000gb of data.
To me the medium looks more my type of game like Zelda link to the past world layered on top of another .
But ratchet looks like a crazy pretty rollercoaster and a bit gimmicky

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Exactly waiting for that too then I will be closer to a decision by they, EA was very quiet for next gen during there conference so I expect some EA game in July conference.
Maybe a quick glimpse at elder Scrolls.
They the usual suspects of Forza, gears halo and some new stuff like mara, hellblade and maybe something by rare.
Can't wait.

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My next console may depend on account sharing being still a thing on ps5 if not I may go back over to series X on gamepass with loads of games I missed last gen to catch up with like Forza and gears , hellblade 2 and project mara etc.

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No more dukes of hazard cars then.

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Bad mortal combat with great music, has no idea it was naughty dog

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It will be interesting to see the insides, see if the heat pipes go though the chip, where and how big the fans are etc.

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All this reminds me of a clockwork orange, that was critically acclaimed by most, panned by a few then partly banned over violence or people outraged over it glorifing violence.
Cinema grow as and branched because of it, without that you wouldn't have tarrentino etc.

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Just like they did with days gone , hang on a minute didn't it get alot of average reviews.
And that order game too oh yeah that also got panned.

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I like the console but think the pad looks a bit cheesy.

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Can you imagine if it's the same tech but dialed back that much it runs on batteries, has its own screen at runs at 720p without ray tracing.
But still runs series X software without RT and upscaled 720p to 1080p.
Who would here would buy a portable Xbox fully back compatible etc.

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Your right davloc got my angles mixed up it is the top of the pad and analogue stick.
Somehow I had convinced myself that part of the pad was white

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In this article I've noticed if you click on the pic of the bottom of the controller in the top right hand corner it looks like there is and extra rear mounted button.

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And 4k films

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It may also depend if you want options to buy games elsewhere.
Competition for game sales isn't a bad thing.
Also if you have games on disk you can say goodbye to back compatibility

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Holy shit I was keeping an open mind about which console to buy slightly favouring the series X but if the sound is like this I'm all in.
I would strongly advise anyone to give this a go.
I've got a very good surround sound system running master audio etc but the sound positioning is nothing like this

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Everything looks a bit big makes things harder to locate, I would prefer smaller lists that linked to a thumbnail, hate the like of prime video so hard to find stuff.
Ironically the best system I've used is Kodi which used to be Xbox media center.

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I'm gutted at least I may not be working next time

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Streaming stuff in doesn't have to be full games it can also be assets Microsoft flight simulator uses cloud to stream in texture asset's.
Everything is entirely game dependant , some games need more space some games need more speed.
In the case of ms flight SIM it needs 2000000gb's of data.
You can still play flight SIM offline without 5m/s internet(similar to netflix streams) but it will run in potato mode

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I misread that thought it said tities

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