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If it was too good to be true they would be unlockable from the main story mode like the original games rather than this pre planed dlc nonsense, wouldn't surprise me if they were already in the code waiting to be unlocked, but now Devs are wise to the fact people hate that and make you download it.
If you haven't guessed this is the reason I don't buy fighting games.

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Backwards compatibility has never been of interest to me till now, as proven with the pspro and one X, games can be improved upon rather than just the same game that looks dated.

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Most launches have nearly half cross gen releases but usually 3rd party, and even the most tech naive parents seem to know the difference between say a PS4 and a ps3 , that's why they change the game box design and shape of the console.

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If you look at how many people have completed Bloodborne via trophies it suggests it's alot easier than people make it out to be, but I'd like to see you take on some of the hardest songs with the hardest settings on guitar hero Wii it's so much harder.

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It's really good, very different, there is a certain scene that was done so well that will live with me forever, really enjoyed walking SIM games this gen.

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@segagamer I'm in the uk, and I honestly don't know anyone who isn't on ADSL/cable even my unkle who lives in the middle of nowhere has it and the prices are practically the same as non fiber broadband, can you honestly think of anyone who doesn't have a broadband connection under 20/15meg down.

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I don't physically go anywhere, I buy from cdkeys at a big discount then I input the code into the store 30seconds later after an email saving me quite a bit of money on psplus and games as Sony never discount a wallet top up.

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My guess is that it will be a powerful android stick like a firestick that will come with a pad, all android stuff will work, and a streaming service that will undercut everyone else probably with ads, also MS are looking to expand Xbox services so I would expect Google to do a deal and host the cloud stuff and make it cheap.

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Here's an interesting question for all of you, let's says it's a streaming service that worked well, the graphics were the same if not better than one X/ pro , it worked on all android devices if you bought a pad and they launched along side a firestick style device that was super cheap, and every game was free but paid for with ads.
Would anyone switch for a steady stream of free content and a £50 buy in fee , I would

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Have you tried the multiplayer in dark souls 3 with the world invading clan stuff, would make a much better team battle royale than you can imagine.
You could have everyone with same health and a balanced choice of weapons and armour, when you team wins an area you could choose which battle area to join.
This would encourage an aggressive play style as winning an area quickly would stop you being invaded by people from another winning area.

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If Sony did BC next generation I probably won't go back to ms, I used to choose the console with best gpu, but I have loads of downloads from psplus etc that it would be a big deal this time.
As for cross play I personally believe it's important to keep control with a walled garden system as the pc side has more access to mods that could influence gameplay, also power differences frame rate , draw distances, control schemes, aim bots etc could ruin the experience in consoles....

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The end of prince of Persia (cel shaded) was pretty sad and amazingly well done, and some of the story's from what remains of Edith Finch was good too, and everybody's gone to rapture has some emotional parts.

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@mikeslemonade don't let any console manufacturers get a free ride, make them work for your custom , as a general rule of thumb I've bought the console with the best gpu that works tends to work well for me, and flip flopping between different ones lets you catch up with franchises you missed out on previous gens . I could list them all dating back to colour vision CBS / spectrum but I won't , plus I ran an independent games shop for a while. This gen Xbox was complacent thinking ...

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Nobody can possibly beat the worst game I've ever play, it was a game on the spectrum called advanced lawnmower simulation, even by 8bit standards it was awful in every single way had some of the worse reviews I've ever seen. It had just one button and random deaths for no reason at all , just YouTube it and i guarantee you won't find worse.

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I didn't like the elite controller, I press quite hard when I change direction on the left analogue and hated the way they fell off, would prefer if they locked in properly

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Still it was much better than rewinding side two of a tape deck on a spectrum, then loading each level for about 15mins then pausing the tape hopefully in time,if it didn't crash anyway.

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You can almost buy a PS4 with a vr headset for the same price , then have access to more vr games than this plus the whole PS4 catalogue.

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I got batman with psplus it's really good, quite short but definitely worth playing.

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I think the ending of uncharted 4 pointed out exactly where the series will be heading.

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@razzer I prefer the original pad over the elite , don't like the interchange thumb sticks, I found sudden movement with the left stick detached them.

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