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Yeah, and a BCR title should not have been "meh." The original developers are out of business (because they should have stuck to games like BCR and not the full-blown 3D "My dead wife is my arm" BC), and the sequel points this franchise in the direction of the trash heap.

I hope that poor sales show the need to create something good, something demanding and creative, not just something that takes the old game's credentials and reduces them for the low...

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It's an ingenious title in terms of hits. I still haven't found what they consider ISO to be on their site (International Slugfest Overture? Isomorphic algorithms?), but you get rogue clicks from pirates all over the net by naming your site Playstation ISO.

That said, the title kinda cuts into the credibility of the site as a review outlet... but whatever, it wasn't an offensive article - it was just an okay article.

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They got the review right. I've seen this kind of sequel before - it's a market research-driven sequel. Ask focus groups full of young people who don't get this type of game to come in, look at the game, and suggest what they want that's different. "Why can't he jump?" Okay, we'll make him jump. "This game is too hard." Okay, make it easier.

Soon, you have a game that doesn't make little Billy angry, but you have a game th...

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I hope you enjoy it, Optical. It's a mind-blowing piece of work, but you need to give it some time and patience to enjoy it.

And yeah. Do I expect the Modern Warfare crowd on 360 to rise up, buy this game, love it, and join PS3 Demon's Souls fans in a legion of gamers with good taste? No. I'm just glad a few more people that can't afford both consoles at the moment may be able to enjoy what we've been raving about.

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They do. We saw such a late Demon's Souls release compared to Japan - the game was released in February 2009, meaning development started in 2008 at the latest. It's been 2 years since Demon's Souls was released, so even if From Software waited a year before working on Dark Souls, there would still be a lot more know-how and better middleware to help them improve visual quality this time around.

People might see a comparison of Demon's Souls to Dark Souls i...

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Wow, this looks great! The small amount of gameplay shots makes it look pretty intense; hopefully they're keeping their "harder than Demon's Souls" promise.

The graphics look amazing so far, the character designs look better, and HOLY #$@#$ WAS THAT YURT AT THE END??? Okay, the horns look a little more spread out, but maybe he reinvented himself?

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Yeah, the writer mentioned "restructuring" so much, which I took to be "corporate restructuring," but then he/she just went off on games that are "restructuring..." the FF franchise, maybe? It didn't make sense.

Here I was thinking that SE management had completely shifted. Note to writer: When games affect the direction of a franchise, it's not "restructuring." If it's positive, it's "rejuvenating." If it...

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Absolutely! Loved the HUD, and long live the radial menu!!

I also really liked that this gameplay video didn't spoil anything; it just let you know how this game looks and feels. It's a classy presentation.

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Meaning that Nintendo might see GDC as a place to talk about the 3DS to smaller developers - they already have a huge amount of support from the big third-party guys for launch, but maybe they'd be looking for small-business and independent support on the downloadable titles end of things. He may relate its capabilities to the generation of new ideas, as opposed to unveiling a completely new system.

To the press, and to people following hardware news, it would be a rehas...

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Believe it or not, this isn't a new thing; it's brought over from the oft-overlooked (for good reasons) Street Fighter EX series - Capcom's first real try at making SF in polygonal 3D. Yeah, the home of such luminaries as Skullomania and Doctrine Dark. I had a Dreamcast, SFEX+alpha, and some time on my hands at one point, and I tried getting through the Mission Mode (after all, it helped you get the cool-for-their-time Cycloid characters).

It was a maddening ord...

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I won't get into detail, since some of you may have not played DA:O yet, but the continuation of what you did regarding Morrigan could trump the whole archdemon story of DA:O by itself if you made a certain decision. I hope that they take the ME2 route to the next level and really incorporate your past decisions into the storyline!

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" not only about how video gaming has evolved, but also, more importantly, he will offer his views on where we go from here.”

That quote suggests what you're suspecting. At least I hope so - if it's just a rehash of what the 3DS does for a slightly different audience, then it still fits this quote, but it's not nearly as interesting to us.

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It is what it is. It's definitely a graphical showcase (on PS3, at least), the art style is great and pretty reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon Orta (one of my favorite games ever!), and the music is top-notch, especially the boss themes. Yoko Shimomura was definitely running on all cylinders. The English voice acting was decent; mostly non-offensive. Sazh's voice acting was great.

The battle system? Well, if they just threw it at you with a little tutorial, it would ...

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They're under-hyped; it was just a bad word choice. Big games like Uncharted 3 pretty much have their own fanbases by this point - and UC3 looks epic, and it got a bunch of advertising, so that's great, but is there any type of base for El Shaddai? I've already noticed how new details regarding the game just fly under the radar with a max of 30 comments.

Considering a few of the higher-up Okami guys are behind this game, and that the art direction looks amazing, ...

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The article has this covered, by the way:

"Arguing over which game is better is an act of futility, as different games will ultimately mean very different things to different people. What should be acknowledged however, is that all these games mean something to someone, with that someone being a much larger variety of people that it ever has been before."

It's a pretty nice conclusion. I like God of War for completely different reasons than w...

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Your argument works when you're talking about a single-player experience. It lines up with the author's notion of narrative influencing GOTY awards, and in a way, he's right - review outlets are heavy on that stuff.

The whole thing just doesn't hold up when you get more than one fighting game fan in one room. We can linear-this and linear-that about a shoddily constructed Story Mode forever, but that's never what fighting games were about. The act of pl...

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, once again, the best-looking game out there that hardly anyone cares about! You may have seen this moniker previously assigned to Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, Demon's Souls before it blew the roof off the US, Valkyria Chronicles, Okami (big surprise, the same artist is behind this one), and Zone of the Enders 2.

That box art is something else; it's like He-Man meets Child of Eden. Actually, the weird-weird-weird clothing...

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MrBeatdown, that's not a strong enough argument. A jailbreak application allows for quicker piracy of games in the same way that a sharpened machete allows for more deadly assault than just hand-to-hand combat, but both are technically not meant for those purposes. At least that's what the opposition would say in court, unless he really wants to lose the case in a burning fiery ball of fail.

This isn't a case of outright anything. Not free speech, not piracy, n...

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You're right, Darkfocus. The only real legal way for Sony to do this is to prove that GeoHot was fostering piracy and not just the jailbreak itself, therefore taking potential money from Sony, therefore owing "damages."

However, with the right amount of cash for the right caliber of lawyers, you can prove quite a few ambiguous things, or at least play litigation volleyball with the case until someone runs out of money. Sony, along with Microsoft (yes, <...

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Seriously, I'm having 2008 nostalgia reading news about Explodemon. I think it's a very small company, so that makes sense... I'm a Mega Man fan, so I hope this is worth the wait!

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