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UK and Now the US.

It just shows how impressive the 360 run was this gen despite Japan.

Will be interesting to see how it goes down this gen.


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Looks like this could be really cool when executed in games.

Will be interesting to see how devs utilize it.


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This is why most devs plan and execute DLC way in advance. The only reason I didn't trade my Bioshock in was the promise of the DLC.

Needs to come out before the buzz starts to fade ala GTA IV's two DLC packs.


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I think it does force people to embrace the voice capabilities of Kinect 2.0 right out of the box.

Kinect works great for mic capabilities right now, but this will be the first time that's it's a part of the console as a whole instead of a separate accessory.

The feedback will probably drive MS back to boxing the headset at a later date.


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Can't wait to play Forza 5 at launch and Titanfall in the Spring on X1, but the sleeper of E3 had to be Project Spark.

Can't wait to see the craziness that comes out of that game.


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I liked the whole promise of online, didn't like that you didn't have a choice.

MS just saved themselves from a huge mistake they never would have recovered from.

Now the slate is clean and they can move on from here. Wounded but they can move one.

I think between the great selection of games and what is still offered with the media stuff and the Kinect feature in every box, that XBOX ONE will find it' audience.


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Definitely a great year for games. Especially now that we can play them online.

I'm going to broke at launch.


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There is ZERO downside to getting free games regardless. Even if you got rid of live after downloading all 10 thy are yours.

There are 20 million gamers who have Xbox Live and NO game on any system has 20 million in sales on the 360 or the PS3, so there are people out there new and old gamers that will enjoy this regardless of the silly hate.

Sure Fable 3, Assassins Creed and Halo 3 are older games that you can get cheap used. But, the FACT is they are all on...

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This is a great day in gaming.

The PR buffoonery had to have shown MS that this would have been the dumbest move in console history.

Now let's see where we go from here.


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'Remarkable amounts of delusion on your part.'

Actually the remarkable part of delusion is pretending a moving chart on Amazon (with no real sales) is the ONLY place that makes or breaks ANY consoles success.

Especially when Xbox One is #1, the one that is 100 dollars more is #1 on Amazon right as we speak in some regions.

MS removed the idiotic policies that would have hurt them a million times more than the price.


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They absolutely get a redo after getting rid of what would have been the biggest mistake in console history.


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They saved it in a HUGE way. They were about to get eaten alive even IF they sold out of their launch shipment.

It's a brand new ballgame.

I still say PS4 wins worldwide (only on the strength of the Sony motherland Japan). Xbox ONE still dominates NPD and is competitive in Europe.

Both will have great success overall.


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Not anymore.


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MS just saved XBOX ONE.

They were about to launch and get DESTOYED by every press outlet in the world.

They ate crow and gamers won.

The plot has not only thickened it just completely turned into a new movie.

All eyes are now on Xbox one and it's actually not for the silly policies for once.


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This 2 games a month thing stops in November. This is NOT gonna be like PS Plus.

But the 10 games are yours forever as opposed to when you get rid of the service.

But, again this is early and when ONE drops none of those games will be compatible.


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Xbox One going to easily overtake the Wii U in it first year,but NO ONE is going to touch PS4 worldwide.


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Two games for free per month is a good start.


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Would be crazy if Minecraft actually topped NPD for the 360.


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@ Griever. LMAO + Funny BUBZ

OT. H3ll Yeah! I saw that interview and didn't really catch that at all.

If this really is true that I can plug my current 360 until the back of my ONE and get the UI and overlay like it was actually on the console then MS literally just solved the hole backwards compatibility issue.

Not only that now they are hinting at the PC as well? Which would be absolutely bananas if they one upped Steam box at launch....

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Oops (typo) mean't some of those statemen's HAVEN'T been helping them, at all.

@ Angel

Yeah, they got an uphill battle to have a unified message. Right now they are all over the place and that will hurt them down the road.

But, again MS can't be that oblivious to the fact that these PR issues exist for the system.

Ether way the balls in their court.


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