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It will not regain any types of false crowns away from COD.

What the game will do is continue to be a huge franchise in the genre with many who prefer it over COD gameplay. But, at the end of the day, it's likely that like BF3, over 50% of BF fans will purchase the new COD as well.

But, what I do see BF4 being more successful that BF3 and solidifying it as a monster IP on consoles setting positioning it for years to come.


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The Xbox 720 absolutely has the chance to outsell the PS4 in the places it's always outsold the PS4. (Us/Canada and even the UK), but the PS4 will still sell in a place that the 720 may never sell and that is Japan.

So it's feasible to say that the numbers will continue as they have this current gen, unless of course the 720 literally steals the majority of the Nintendo's old audience).

With the e-mail rumor essentially confirming that the 720 wil...

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Unless you are oblivious to standard gaming practices in console gaming, you would clearly know that ALL consoles use Third Party exclusives.

Both Sony and MS had Third Party exclusives THIS gen and both Sony and MS will have them Next gen.

If you find fault with MS then you also should find fault with Sony as well.


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The Kotaku rumor isn't going to hurt a fly.

MS just simply needs to show off the goods over the course of these 3 months and all the fake speculation is going to cease.

All they need to do is show off the vision, show off the box, and denounce the rumors, save the megatons for E3 and it's going to be a whole new ball game.

Popcorn will be popped.


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@ Unholy one

I agree with you 100%. I was just mentioning this in another article.

PSN+ is an outstanding deal, but it's not worth it if you own a majority of the good games.

I own 17 of the those games on this list alone and the 3 others I'd actually may eventually play aren't worth the money for me.

But, I'm unique I buy a majority of my multi-plats on the 360 (for achievements) and buy the big exclusives a...

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'Games you don't want? And how exactly would you know that when Plus is updated all the time? It's not just free games, but also discounts and bundles that would cost more in stores. And even if you did have every game offered, there is still free and discounted add-ons and other content that could add to your current game library.'

Once again I don't own every game. But even on the annual list in that N4G article that just went up, I own at least 17 of th...

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@ Spinmaster

'Still spouting bullcrap as always. PS Plus offers a lot fairly new games as well and some awesome discounts which add up to the thousands in a year.'

GTFOH. Take off the Fan helmet and goggles and read again.

PSN+ is a GOOD DEAL. Period. We all know what it does and is.

But, again I own both consoles and absolutely nothing PSN+ does comes close to making me want to drop Live.

Why? Becaus...

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Always was a huge fan of achievements since the 360 launched.

It's been an huge part of the 360 and IMO it would be stupid to scrap them.

If MS is smart they will let 360 gamers continue them through next gen.

But I'm sure they realize the backlash from hardcore 360 gamers if they did.


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I own both consoles. Why would I give up my Live just to rent some older games on my PS3? They literally have nothing to do with each other.

PSN+ is a cool deal for people who don't buy a lot of games for their PS3, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my giving up my Xbox Live account.

There honestly hasn't been a really game on PSN+ offered that I didn't own on my 360 or my PS3 when those games launched. Plus some of the better ones aren'...

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@ frightful

'I seriously and sincerely believe that anyone who was a 'huge fan' of Mass Effect would not had loved the ending of Mass Effect 3.'

93% on Metacritic destroys your theory.

Your seriously mistaken if you believe that ALL true ME fans were the ones whining about the ending.

It's always interesting that when people can't accept that there is a game that they hate gets good reviews then EVERY ...

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Sony is far from screwed when Call of Duty arrives in November.

The biggest selling games on the PS3 is Call of Duty and Grand theft auto.

Call of Duty will be the top selling game on the PS4 as well, by far.

But, the 720 is going to fly off the shelves as well and the number one title will be Call of duty: Ghosts.

The other thing is if Ghosts allows Xbox Live gamers to play with their 360 brethren, then yeah that will be...

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Huge ME fan and LOVED Mass Effect 3's ending and thought they expanding ending were cool as well.

The best part about the ending debacle was that EVERY critic that played it had zero issues with how it ended.

Just because they empathize with the few that hated the ending doesn't mean they the ending was bad for everyone who played.

Will be there day one for the next gen ME and DA3 as well.


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It's a great move and the game has potential to become a go-to franchise for the Nextbox.

If this ends up true MS already has a big line-up for the Next few years.


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Great pick-up as an exclusive launch title for MS if true.

Even if it's not, I'm a fan of this team and can't ait to finally see what they have had cooking in the oven while everyone got fat off of their creation.

Having it launch for both the 360 and the 720 allows for both installs to play the game.

This also gives Black Tusk another year before they drop their first game.


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So THIS is the EA partnership exclusive that was being rumbled about.

Really interesting Launch pick-up for the 720 if this turn out to be in fact true.

I like that the game will be on the 360 as well as Next gen.

e3 is getting more interesting by the minute.

The plot continues to thicken...


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One of THE worse moves in Nintendo history.


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I agreed.

Can't wait to go back to that game world. Game was a blast.


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Nothing has changed.

Xbox mini will be only be online as already stated.

The 720 will be offline and will support used games.


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@ Moneygun

Source? Are you just saying that because you want it to be true

Nope I'm saying it because it is 100% fact that Sony for over a year combines the PS3 + PS2 for their shipment sales.

See their own financial shipment numbers if you don't believe.


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'the ps3 already past 77million worldwide since january'

Nope they combine sales with the PS2.


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