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In my opinion, fan blogger sites like this one get it wrong when it comes to Next Gen.

They want MS to abandon everything that made them successful this gen to become carbon copies of the PS3/PS4.

That formula is exactly why the 720 would fail horribly, if somehow MS lost their brains and blindly followed Sony's every move.

In my opinion, MS not only needs to contimue what made them successful, they need to double down on everythin...

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Last one was out of control. Bring on another one. This is getting crazy.


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Can't wait till Tuesday.

But it's going to be hard to jump into the campaign until I finish God of War.


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Just keeping it real


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@ Godmars

Let me help you. No matter how you spin it there is no delusion or faulty reading comprehension at all to what I wrote.

'Skittles became a meme because a child actor "interacted" with a 20 foot jumbo-tron. Meanwhile, no one remembers the kid with the Wonderbook.'

False. The child interacted with a small TV. The jumbo-tron displayed her in the background for the audience. The gif made the internet.

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Wow I didn't know about quite a few of those and everyone was multiplat.

What's crazy is they missed known multis that are coming like Destiny and Modern Warfare 4.

They also missed every single exclusive that's coming for the 720 and it's already clear that there are like a dozen that are publicly in the works.


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If Microsoft comes through with even the rumored specs and delivers a great console I'm there at launch.

If the Xbox is BC and your Xbox Live account with your achievements friends list and XBLA games comes along with it, the 720 is going to fly off shelves on the strength of the core 360 install base alone.

If Kinect 2.0 is a true upgrade an MS shows its worth it for the casuals, MS is going to due the WIi numbers that Nintendo left behind.

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'Deep Down isn't multiplatform aswell as all will be better on ps4 especially ubisoft games and bf4 '

Deep Down will be multiplatform as all Capcom games are.

There is no crystal ball that ensures that any game will be 'better' on any system.

What that list does show is there is a realy strong line-up of Multi-plats for the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

They both will come out swinging with their exclusive...

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@ Godmars

It's interesting how you criticize the MS conference for what sony and others do as well on stage.

Sure MS uses third party, just last year Sony heavily relied on Assassin's Creed 3 to the point that they showed of the specialized Assassin's Creed PS3 and announced exclusive DLC.

Sure MS has Celebs and atheletes on stage, but so does Sony. Kobe Bryant fumbles through an entire horrible NBA 2K12 demo at Sony's...

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Usher was there because he was promoting the game he worked on and was actually in.

He did the actual routine for DC 3 and literaly told people thats what he was doing...but you kno how certain memories are when it comes to these things.

People still talk about 'Skittles', but because of it's success Sony made 'Eyepet and friends the following year.

They both went casual because it wasn't MS that showed off Wonderbook last...

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Definately good numbers for Feb., it's crazy that the 360 has been winning the US for 2 years straight.

If you asked me a year ago, I would have assumed the Wii-U would have dominated at this point.

It's crazy how it all turned out.


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Game is absolutely amazing. Best Tomb Raider in 2 gens.

That is all


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I love it so far.

Laura is definately back


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It's be close as in MS can excell in NA. Sony can destroy Japan. Europe will be the way it is with UK giving love to MS as much as Sony and Sony selling in territories that MS might never reach.

Sony will sell more hardware, MS will sell more software of most of the big games.


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Buying THIS...


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Go Laura. Cant wait to play this.

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Although for you it's all about the usual console war trolling...THAT was funny.


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@ Jek_Porkins

'Backwards compatibility with the next consoles is far more important then previous generations because Microsoft and Sony have built up these ecosystems with Achievements and Trophies.

Well Said.

It's going to be a major factor for 360 owners that have alot invested in their console.

But, unfotunately we all may be let down in the end. MS may definately be plagued by the same issues Sony faces. ...

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Microsoft has never had problems with effective presentations.

They promote what they need to promote.

They have two major opportunites to show the goods and the build-up will be huge.

Sony's approach was fine, but they will really ramp up the reveals at E3.

If MS wait till April they can use the first conference to dispel the myths and do more of an Apple type press conference.

But, E3 is where...

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Exclusives was never a real issue in for Micrsoft then and it isnt now.

MS only has to satisfy its core fanbase that supports it's games by the millions and that is all that matters.

They already have one of the strongest line-ups of core franchises and system sellers in the industry.

What matters for next gen exclusive wise will be:

- A strong core of exclusive existing IPS

- A core line-up of New ...

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