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'Pretty funny when the post game show is longer than the actual event lol.'

Nah, if you actually looked at what's scheduled to be shown it's between 3 different sources.

GT, MS, and Twitch. They were just smart enough to not have them coincide. The post even interview from GT is standard stuff.

But, I'd rather the event go an hour and have nothing but content than to have two with a lot of fluff.

Either wa...

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Watching everything on Xbox Live and DVRing the Spike/GT stuff on cable just in case.

1 Hour pre-show on GameTrailers pre-show w/ Keighley & crew

Followed by...

1 Hour Xbox Next Gen Revealed main show

Followed by...

1 Hour GameTrailers com post-show Keighley and Don Mattrick interview

Followed by...

1 hour post-show live show with Major Nelson & guests. ...

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Interesting to see what happens, but this article will fail because EVERY Thurott rumor has failed for the 720 on N4G as soon as it's approved.

Weird times on this site leading up to the Xbox reveal.


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@ Jek,

343 definitely bested Bungie at cutscenes by far.

The best cutscenes leading up to that point came from the underrated Halo wars.


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This is how I felt about Skyrim until Mass Effect 3 came.

I have to get this game.


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'There you have it. News from the future.'

Here's some news from umm a couple of weeks ago

Xbox Live top 20 live activity

In no particular order. ALL games made the top 20 list of games being played on Xbox Live

- Halo 4 & Halo Reach

- Black Ops II, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2

- Gears of War Judgement & Gears of War 3

- Battlefield 3

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People keep pretending that BC in 2005 has anything to do with BC in 2013.

Simply put MS shows the ability for BC out of the box and even upgrades on certain games and millions of gamers it'll be a no-brainer for millions of the core to upgrade within the Xbox ecosystem.

This isn't the old Xbox or PS2 days. We are talking millions of gamer who have purchased games over XBLA or PSN that will not be able to transfer those games to the spanking new 400 d...

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Did you beat the original? I need another great RPG world to get lost in.


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I want this!


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@ Mega,

Yeah the whole prequel thing wouldn't be as strong.

Give me 1,000 years after the trilogy


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More Mass Effect please. Just don't play it if you don't like the series.


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Great move for Microsoft. They need to have a big presence at Gamescom this go-around more than they have in a very longtime.

Will be interesting to see them go to Tokyo this year as well.


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That's where your wrong. I'm not upset at all with the previous negative rumors. That's one of the reasons it's so cool. never appeared to discriminate. A hot story is a hot story.

This site has always run both positive and negative rumors for all consoles.

But, blackballing of the two top stories in gaming, when previous rumors have come from 100 times less, then you start to understand why anyone who frequents N4G as long as I have, ...

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Every rumor is a rumor period. This site has thrived off of them. when the console specs came out the came from a website as the source.

Always online came from anonymous sources. almost all the big revelations in gaming news came from sources that made claims for where they got the information.

But when it turns out to be true we all just blow it off as we already knew that. This is why Kotaku has been allowed to do what they have all these years. this is ...

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'Numerous big name sites are reporting on this now and I think this offers pretty conclusive evidence of always on rumours not being true.'

No Septic you sell it short. EVERY big name site has reported it or tweeted it.

There are rumors that have made this site for as long as I've been on this site that make the front page always.

Even those rumored spec made this site.

N4G has always been the go-to for everythi...

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Rumor already squashed.

Interesting how the biggest news is the E-mail leak from MS that states No always online and Blu-ray from every single legit site from ARS, IGN, VG Leaks, etc., but every one gets blocked from being shown because they are positive news for the 360 again.

But, the fake Kotaku and this confirmed fake Blu-ray delay article, both unconfirmed rumors pass with flying colors.

Again, it's deflating that N4G completely let ...

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Yes but I see why EU members brag about Plus so much. Sleeping Dogs is a good pickup for the service though.


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Do gamers who only own an Xbox really think that the good marketing made up for lack of games?

There haven't been a lack of games on my 360. I have too many to play at all times. My backlog is crazy.

People can pretend marketing is the only reason a games sells it doesn't. But, if there is little to no promotion it will have a hard time reaching the non-hardcore audience as well.

On topic.

It's pretty clear that ...

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Thanks God it was a silly rumors based on the dev kits in the first place.

Dev kits = traceable Always online to ensure no theft.

Console = Online is standard as this gen. But not mandatory.


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PGR 5 literally would be the perfect launch title.

I would also love MS to announce Forza at E3 but have it come the following year.

We could be look at a potential Next gen Xbox racing era that includes a rotation of PGR 5, Forza 5, and Forza Horizon 2 all complimented by Need for Speed as well.


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