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@ Seraphemz

Other than the Alan Wake ommision which may have been unintentional, the article clearly mentions also on the PC for every other instance. I just hit the first link I found, and like I mentioned that time and time again the game shows up on list after list as a PS3 exclusive. Some elude to it being on PC, some only focus on it being an upcome title for the console. Either way it doesn't matter. We all get it. At the end of the day, those games listed on the article ...

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@ Z501

Without even trying to take a jab at you personally ;(like you tried to do to me) I'll use your response to 100% prove I was right.

Like I said it doesn't take rocket science to understand your motive, but the truth still stands (it's about the consoles period)

Here is your quote:

'Or even when it's being written about. You never see The Agency reffered to as 'PS3 only'.
I'm no idiot. Don't treat me as such is all. Ca...

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It's not rocket science to see which gamers are so up in arms about the fact there are console exclusives that also make onto PC. The fact is on ths site it's clear that we ALL own PCs. But yet we are all discussing console gaming. All I care about are which games make it to the console I own.

In this regard, these games are Xbox 360 exclusives. The competing consoles owners cant play these games on their system..period. Their won't be a Blu-Ray or a Mini-disc that plays Left ...

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Almost a month ago when the reviews for Infamous dropped, I predicted that Infamous would get all the reviews while Prototype would get the sales.

I was overwhelmingly right in regards to both titles. IGN had blown their cover on how they would review Prototype long before it was going to be released. Its clear that the game benefitted review-wise from being a PS3 exclusive.

I own Prototype and one quick glance on my friends' list and it's clear the NPD numbers ...

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Just the fact that Xbox gamers didn't come away disappointed was a huge win for Xbox gamers and potential customers worldwide.

The fact that the cam tech was far better that the usual cam tech completely stole the show. Lionhead's Milo demo almost made the rest of E3's display of Trailers and gameplay demo kinda boring.

Nintendo's Metroid was a cool suprise, but I almost fell asleep twice. Does it really matter? Who's not going to buy wii Sports Resort?

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First of all let's talk about what the article is called. This will easily end most of the useless back and forth.

The article claims that while the PS3 has hit some stride, the Xbox 360 is 'standing still'. This statemetn is suggesting that somehow the Xbox 360 is not selling games or systems. That somehow there is no growth in one system, but only in the other. Following the same weak arguments that Sony brigade touts without anything but fan banter to back it up.

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Kingslayer demolished Mori and the rest of the Sony Brigade. We even got PS3Extreme hater site copping pleas.

Not even 24 hours after convincing absolutely no one with this article, Microsoft announced 30 Million consoles pushed thus far. 20 Million Xbox Live fans and a whopping 8 game average per system.

Halfway into the year, the Microsoft install base is phenomenal. This year Microsoft got Halo Wars, Star Ocean 4, and crazy DLC from Halo to GTA 4. Resident Evi...

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I'm guessing you don't have a PS3 =P

I'm guessing I somehow hurt your feelings, but I'm sure you'll get over it (not sure what the =P thing is though)

For the record, Proto get maligned for being a Hulk game online, and curiously enough (as a minimum) Infamous is getting call out for the Unleashed powers thing

Believe me, I'll definately support any game that interests me. So please follow your own advice and stop whining about other people who ma...

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Realtime Worlds pulled it off with Crackdown and that was a suprisingly fun addition with the unique set of characters you could use. Games like Killzone 2 would have thrived with the addition of Co-op, but Infamous is perfectly fine without co-op or content.

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Too bad my assessment is spot on. It doesnt matter what systems you currently own or root for. That has nothing to do with what's going on with these two games.

Whether you agree or not, these are the comparisons that have been made about these two games (from real gamers and critics alike) Just like according to you Infamous is a great game, but both Crackdown and GTA 4 are merely boring.


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The footage has just wet our appetites.

Both platforms will sell out of this game on November 10th. This event will shake up the industry as the biggest multi-platform launch since GTA 4.

Infinity Ward has created a MONSTER of a franchise. 13 million users are documented on the Xbox 360 alone for COD4. The holiday will be owned by this game.

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Although, most of the reviewers forget, 1.5 Million Xbox owners were blessed with one of the gems of this generation.

CRACKDOWN: The first game to take the GTA-like sandbox vertical. The powers, the explosives, the weapons, the plot, the game design were all over the top. But it all worked and came together for a classic. Your RPG build up of your powers had you climbing and leaping tall skyscrapers in your final pursuit to take down ruthless gang bosses. But, the one thing tha...

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I hope they show footage at E3! Every Ghost Recon has been in the must-buy category. Ubisoft has never dropped the ball with these titles. The original Advanced Warfighter was far ahead of it's time for shooters. Can't wait to see what they pull off with this one.

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Prototype looks like the developers shot for the moon..can't wait! I love how Sony took a page out of Microsoft's book and added the Uncharted beta like the infamous (pun intended) Halo 3 multiplayer beta. You can already see websites taking sides (this story is no different). Prototype will definately lose the metacritic battle from all of the Pro-PS3 hate that it will get. But Xbox gamers will drive the games sales through the roof if it is anything close to what the trailers showed. Either...

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The blatant Hypocrisy shown by these supposed game fans is astonishing. Do they just type this stuff to hear themselves type? The Pachter article and fan quotes you put up are classic. They prove beyond a doubt what we've seen from bloggers, fans, and sites all along..SALES MATTER..and for PS3 fans..SALES only MATTER when they are winning..bubbles to you

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The RE numbers are AMAZING!!!

Over 200 N4G posts in a few hours! I wonder why. Could it be with all the negative spin on the 360 that we have seen for weeks and weeks on the internet; the reality is absolutely the opposite.

In Japan when the PS3 sold 16k and the 360 sold 4K..N4G posted a popular article on how the PS3 was killing the 360. But when you see the March NPD it's clear that Karma is upon us.

The Xbox 360 haters have bombarded the interne...

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So let me get this straight

The Microsoft statement simply said that they've done pretty good marketing in America and need to not only focus on EU, but change their strategies to match the different territories

And the reaction is PURE CHAOS..OMG how dare Microsoft say those horrible things

So to make it completely clear

If Microsoft speaks about Sony directly..all hell breaks loose, people are calling for the burning of 360s

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Funny how everyone's memory is so fuzzy..Microsoft hands down won last year's E3..They showcased and DELIVERED on that promise

Xbox 360..E3 08 gave us Gears 2, Fable 2, Netflix, NXE, and showcased of today the 360 has delivered 100% on that promise.

Andrew says the PS3 had a slightly better show..but you have announced games like MAG, God of War 3, and, DC online that may not be released for at least a year and a half after the announcement. Some may not ...

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Do you actually believe this stuff or are you just writing ANYTHING you can find negative about 360 to justify your points. Look you can hate the 360 all you want but none of your points come close to the pulse of the gaming bottomline.

Did you really use the ten year development cycle as a negative for the 360? Do you homework..The failed development of that game started wayyyy before Microsoft even uttered the words Xbox 360. It then got legally entangled with Epic over the ...

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Once again if you don't know the difference between waiting 4 years for a title like Killzone 2 or releasing 4 exclusives in 4 months (2009)and telling everyone to wait for the biggest gaming stage on earth to announce your biggest games then there really isn't anything to'll never get it.

If you don't know the difference between the suprising sales of Halo Wars..which sold more than any console RTS and Halo:OSDT then you still don't get it. Once again, Halo: OSDT will...

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