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Forza is amazing IMO.

Glad I already own the pass. Keep em' coming Turn 10.

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I knew Skyrim proved the 360 gap over the PS3.

(Truth- it didn't and Tomb Raider doesn't)


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That was easily one of the best interviews I've heard on the show.

Quotes from it are already being spun negatively, but I thought they did a good job answering the questions from their point of view.

Good stuff


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Holy...go Gamertagradio..gotta hear this one


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Well said Michael +bubz

'You seem to be living under a rock with all the new developer/game announcments that we been hearing in the last few months.'

It's crystal clear that MS had a big amount of games to play since launch and have announced enough upcoming games since last years E3.

The Next big title is obviously Titan fall, but the big 3 beyond are definitely the monster that is Halo 5, but Quantum and the Black Tusk projec...

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Wow. So that's what they mean about the whole TV integrated series thing. Very cool. Play the video game and watch the Live action show with the consequences.

That would be a really cool dynamic for a game like Walking Dead or the new Game of thrones game.


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As I predicted forever...

Microsoft is selling out of everything the ship from the system this holiday. The quarterly numbers are going to be a fun watch.

The X1 will be a success despite the 100 dollar price point that some thought would hinder it.

Shipments hurt numbers of both consoles as they do for every launch.


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'PS4 ahead of Xbox One: NPD reports are vague and devoid of detail.'


It's been forever and a day since we got the single SKU NPD.

It's been exactly as it has been now.

It's November NPD, check January through October and you will see the same thing.


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Here's the funny part. Kinect is actually the difference maker for next gen.

MS got it right 150% right including it in the box. It's oddly the one tech in both systems that actually felt next gen.

As predicted the price point proved absolutely nothing. Both Sony and MS are going to sell out of what they ship this holiday.

MS doesn't have to beat Sony hardware console for hardware console to win. They are selling at the premium p...

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EASILY top 3 funnest game I played this year on ANY game. I loved Tomb Raider. But, I would have rather them throw in like this exclusive side story DLC ala Bioshock: Infinite or make some new puzzle bonus levels inside the game.

Either way, cool for people who buy the next gen systems and didn't get to play this gem.


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The show was horrible. If this show is the result of listening to the internet gaming fans then they should STOP listening to internet gaming fans.

Award shows have clichés and that
s cool, but mainstreaming gaming was NOT a bad thing. Bring the crowds, the stars etc.

Loved a few of the World Premieres though.


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Titanfall doesn't need Kinect. Kinect doesn't need Titanfall. X1 gamers will be fine.


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Great idea. CD red as a small team deserves to shine with the best versions of the game they can make on consoles. W2 was amazing on the 360, can't wait to play this on X1.


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GTA V deserved the win. It's a shame they didn't do it on the VGA stage with actual fans to cheer them on as Rockstar deserved.

Side note. Love Turn 10 got accolades for the best next gen launch game thus far.


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Thank you Remedy!

Huge fan of these guys. AW was one of last gen's gems. Hope this game delivers on all levels. Curious how the TV show/ Game interaction will translate in real time.


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Shout out to Richard and the Xbox hardware reps for providing one of the best pieces I've seen on Xbox ONE since..ever.

Salute Eurogamer for not crumbling under the fake power of the SonyGAF PR pressure to not give those guys a platform to speak on their next gen decisions.

This article has me more excited for my XB1 preorder than any of the 'speculative' rumor stuff on Mister's site. Although Mister's site is pretty entertaining and str...

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@ Animal

Was the insider an N4G poster. LOL. Love the Sony gang line. Look fan stuff aside, I'm a huge 360 fan, but still will never deny loving my PS3 slim as well.

I predicted this upcoming gen on N4G when people told me it wasn't going down this year.

But as everything unfolded this year and major gaming sites, forums and mags lost all credibility with a crazy bias, it's been refreshing to see a site like Mister dare to take on...

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But it's a lot of fun. Don't feel bad. If it implodes it implodes.

That site is the best entertainment we have had during this really weird time on major gaming sites that I've honestly trusted for years.

But you haven't been on since they started the date reveal backtracking lol


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That yahoo Stream sucked but the Cloud talk and the presentation was pretty standard.

But Phil has great presence and is only second to Phil Spencer IMO for presenting X1 info.


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Becoming a fan of the train wreck Mister X, but if you read it the insider and Mister X said nothing major was coming of the Phil presentation. Because it supposedly bores the masses.

'Insider: ms are going to play it safe later today. Not to much but enough.. There will be smiles. But the reason is they want to let the games do the talking. All the tech talk bores the shit out of a lot people. Well not all. But you understand after the amd show :)'


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