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'The fact is a majority of the rumors point towards on always online console. If that's the case so be it. I think it would be wise for you to slow down and wait for the facts'

The FACT is the majority of those rumors EVEN Kotaku sourced VGLEAKS AS THE SOURCE for the always online rumor.

This was plastered everywhere as FACT as it went on.

VGLEAKS then retracted this when the got the information that they indeed mixed up the Alway...

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There was nothing to deal with. Kotaku and others mixed up Durango with Xbox mini. The community cried over nothing and Orthlost his job over twitter.

Durango will play games offfline, play used games , and will be backwards compatible with Xbox mini.


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/Not the first person on N4G who is trying to spin recent speculation into a positive, and seeing them try is HI-LAR-I-OUS!
MS' silence is hurting them, bad press is bad press, period. #DEALWITHIT'

LMAO. So wait Xbox Live going to for a couple of hours is going to hurt the 360?? It didn't. By the time most people heard about it was back online. Including me.

The best part of every major rumor is that it's been completely debunke...

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When this news broke yesterday, at least 10 articles in a row were 'failed' back to back by mods immediately as they were introduced like a slaughterhouse.

This was supposedly due to the website the rumor originated, yet still articles passed from sites like Kotaku and others.

There was even a fake link to a duplicate article that was not even close to being a duplicate.

But, ironically the site that was deemed unworthy for the rumor...

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Actually it's a brilliant approach.

If popping a box on the back of your 720 was that easy then we all know the brilliant minds at Sony and MS would have done it to keep the feature.

As it was, there was no possible was to have BC for either. Sony chose the stream route through Gakai, but this means every PS3 you have in your collection is dead unless you keep your PS3. New PS4 without a PS3 owners would never have the option to buy used PS3 games.

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Gaikai will have to be streamed and you can't use your PS3 collection at all.

Xbox mini will be able allow Mini to play your entire collection of games whether disc or XBLA.

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@ Angelic

A total of 10 article on N4G failed because they cited the SAME source as this article.

Soon even Kotaku will be forced to as well, as they used the same cite to back up their 'Always on' rumors as well.

Still sad that my fave gaming site might have blocked the news because it is shoots down all the negative ones that have made the front page for the same subject.


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Stock Second highest with bad rumors

Today's new rumors from the same site that corraborated the old one.

Xbox 720 will play all games offline and does not need to always be online.

Xbox 720 can play used games and with the 'Always online' Xbox Mini will be backwards compatible.

Adam Orth fired.

Wonder how the stocks will react to the positive rumors and after the official reveal when all of this...

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From the article.

'Xbox Mini rumor

The same report alludes to a low-cost Xbox TV set-top box, which echos an Xbox Mini rumor that popped up today from another source, VG Leaks'

many an article failed on N4G today for trying to cite accomplish what this article is allowed to do which is paraphrase VG Leaks.

Xbox Mini is a perfect solution to Backwards compatability with your original Xbox 360 games and XBLA.

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This is absolutely the truth.

It will be on MS to simply explain it to E3 and the media.

They will also need to provide ads like any other product.

But, consumers arent dumb, they know the difference between every single Apple device and they will for every single MS or Sony product as well.


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@ Dead frag,

I agree in keeping my 360 to play 360 games.

But, this allows millions of next gen gamers new or old the option of playing the entire collection of 360 games new or used that will still be on sale at retail or places like Gamestop.

Instead of making it mandatory and imparting that burden onto the new box, this is the best solution period.

Why go into the hole buying Gaikai just to stream your old systems games a...

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@ Chaostar,

The fact that you are claiming Kotaku is the only site allowed to be a source of rumors is really really strange.

Let's keep it 100% real.

Kotaku literally uses and cites VGLEAKS when they tried to reconfirm news about the Xbox 720.

Here is the proof

Microsoft had no choice in this case...

The funny part is we found out the bombshell that the Xbox 720 does NOT have to be online and it will play all 720 games offline whether new OR used.

It's the XBOX mini that does not have a disc drive and is competing with Apple TV that will have to always be online.

Probably the biggest news in the 720s existance since all of the 'always online' news and the Orth foul up.


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Always online with no offline gaming? DEBUNKED

Doesnt play used games? DEBUNKED

KInect 2.0 to start the system? DEBUNKED

Backwards compatibility without Gaikai

The plot thickens.


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Outstanding. 100 times better that DRMed games.


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LOL @ Meerkat. + bubz

I love what Ms is doing. The buzz is going to be ridiculous in May.

If they dispel the rumors immediately prior to E3 and then hit em' with great content at the big show, then the 720 won't miss a beat.


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'At least your hoping with everything you got right lol'

Not at all.

If it doesn't show up on the 360, which it now seems like it probably will, then I'll play it on my PS3. Simple as that.


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That's great news for 360 gamers as Diablo 3 would have been a no/brainer success over Xbox Live.

What devs did was utilize Sony's night to push Sony, but it's clear that a huge part of the big games were actually multi-plats.


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What's happening at the current moment literally happens every year before E3.

If Sony has something announced game or otherwise and MS doesn't then the fan bloggers and detractors spin it as they see fit in the interim.

In this case, Sony decided to announce first and MS is widely keeping the lid shut after the SuperDae leaks and doc that got out.

Sony is trying to make up for weaknesses last gen and by E3 your probably going to see ...

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Talk about a huge FAIL at reading the article.

This is about the Exclusive IGN Bioshock review, not some standard console exclusives flame-bait article.


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