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@ Jokes,

You got a point. I'm getting the digital only for the ability to play COD on both the 360 and the X1.. If more publishers do this deal I'm there all the way


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The fact that the biggest selling game on any system only has a 5k gap shows how close preorder really are.


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I agree it would have been a great bundle, but Kinect Sports sold millions without being bundled. I definitely see them bundling it eventually.


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Day ONE baby!

What an EPIC November for gamers.

Great move on Forza 5 for Europe as well.

Bring on the Next Gen


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Wow @ Elite. Did not know MS paid that much more for the design.

Guess I have been out of the loop.

It will be interesting if there is something more to it.

I just find it odd that it feels like some people on here and elsewhere seem to feel this way this late in the game.

Microsoft's approach at TGS will be interesting regardless.

The announcement date for the console is today though.

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@ Jokes,

Well F-ing said. +bubz Best post
I've seen on 4g for awhile. I can't wait
for November.

I'm getting an Xbox One at launch but there no way in hades that I won't own both consoles and a Vira by the end of next gen. Too many great games coming down the line.

It's funny looking back when nobody believed me when I said this grn was coming this year. Lol.


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HOLY Sh!+!!! Thanks No_Limit +Bubz bro!

That link ruled. Not only for the H4 comp but the Titan and Ryse god. I wasn't a big fan of Ryse after E3, (thought the E3 stuff was kinda cheesy) but WOW I can honestly say I'm preordering it now.

X-won baby


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Nice post & +bubz @ Krussidull

The FLOP talk is cool pre-launch but post launch it's going to be great to finally have the games in our hands.


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Lol @ the comments pretending the US somehow is the only country that likes shooters when other than Japan Call of Duty still dominates most of the console world.


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Who cares?

There was so much cool stuff in that Dev convo, that I could care less about snapping AAA games.

If you can't snap then all the Xbox ONE resources will for that particular game and not compromised just for snapping.

Great interview though


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Interesting. It means that there were more PS4 preorder consoles allotted to amazon than Day One Xbox Ones.

Makes sense with the #3 to #6 ratio of best sellers of 2013 remaining the same after both sold out.

Also interesting is in the UK the Xbox One Day one moved up 20 spots and is now #47


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Crimson Dragoon trailer with Sound.


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@ Jokes

Well said. Hadn't read much on the game. Sounds like its in good hands regardless of their past. Especially with original team guidance for the overall vision.


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Post reversal Microsoft is still in a great position to take NPD this holiday. But, they still have their work cut out for them even to say that.

As for the UK and beyond, MS needs to treat the rest of the conferences like E3 and go all-out and they can end up being very competitive when it's all said and done. But even then it would be extremely hard to gain ground in a significant way until post launch in Europe.

It's early though, the major marketi...

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@ Septic

Well Said and +bubz. Actually one of the best posts & retorts I've seen on

It's well known that Edge gets hate on and other places. The reason is simply because of the lower reviews they have give certain PS3 titles. They are the Eurogamer for the PS3.

Yeah, it's common knowledge that the flip flopping is going to occur at this site. But in this case it's all Edge. They are trying to sell h...

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IMO it's not hard to believe at all. I downloaded it for my Iphone then it first came out snd now I have it for my Windows 8 desktop.

It's not that hard to believe if you count all the cellphones, Tablets, amd PCs that are out there.


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@ Sonic,

No one is claiming MS suddenly overtook Sony preorder sales overnight. That would be silly.

What Amazon does prove is Xbox One is currently gaining positive traction.

MS only changed their policies a week and a half ago, the console isn't going to miraculously jump the overall sales gained by the PS4 immediately, but the console has been at number one in the US throughout the week.

Not taking away anything from t...

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@ Sonic 2000

There has definitely been a positive momentum change for Xbox ONE since the announcement of the DRM reversal.

Best sellers on Amazon change daily. Xbox ONE has been at number one quite a bit since in the last week+

Right this very moment as I post this:

Amazon US: Xbox One #4th & the PS4 8th


'I don't understand people at all'

What's not to understand?

Bioshock: Infinite was amazing. But it was single player only and it was 60 dollars. If there is no replayability and the game is in high demand, it is huge target to get traded in.

When you have Gamestop with campaigns to give 50% more on trade-in credit then you can see why this is tempting to the average consumer.

If you have DLC that comes in ...

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I am. Day one.

Now that MS came to their f-ing senses, Xbox One is going to sell like hot cakes this holiday.

Some will Some won't buy the new Xbox. Same as this gen. Both will be successful. The fact that the ONE can still jump to #1 on Amazon like it has recently ($100 more expensive and all) proves that MS and Sony will have a healthy launches.


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