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'The PR spin from Ms would make my mums salsa group proud!!'

LMFAO. That was a classic. Kudos.

I simply said Phil gave a great Eurogamer interview. Which he did.

If that's all it takes to offend the usual suspects to call out names then..stay mad. lol.


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Nah. it's 3 weeks prior to E3 and over 6 months prior to launch, MS is perfectly fine.

But, make no mistake, MS has to bring it's A-game to E3.

They said they were using E3 to concentrate on the games, well that's what they need to do.

If they squash the quirky stuff, show great games at E3, then the One is going to fly off the shelves.

But, if they phone it in which there is no indication that they will, then it&...

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@ moneygun2

'You have to admit man this was not the best first showing. I think an E3 reveal would have been better.'

Actually, this reveal is the best thing that ever could have happened to MS.

They now aren't stuck having to reveal the system and showing off games that people knew about.

The EA partnership is cool, just like Destiny was for Sony in Feb.

But, EAs Respawn is going to be great for...

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Nah. They may lose this fanblogger, but they set themselves up good for a great E3.

It goes without saying that, both MS and Sony have to have a great E3 after both of their reveals though.


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Wow. Looking back I owned 8 of those.

COD 2 was a blast back then.

I am a big horror fan and I remember being all over Condemned.


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Wow. I take what I said about Phil's confusing people back.

That was a great interview when you don't take it out of context.

Eurogamer played hardball and Phil gave it right back to them.

@ MasFlow

I think it was inferred in another interview that Gold will still be the same.


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LMAO @ Phil please stop while your 'NOT' ahead. I think it's just as confusing the second time.

At the end of the day, if gamers can play their games offline and are allowed to trade them in MS will be fine.

But, if they go weird with time limits etc. then IMO they are asking for the even controversy and fallout.



'Looks like Phil Harrison is doing a good a sleeper cell a...

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'How are they going to do that when your going to buy the console day one. Thats like saying I'm sick of Activision giving us the same crap with COD but then buying it at launch'

Just because it doesn't effect me and I'm definitely buying the console doesn't mean I don't think it wouldn't a bonehead move by MS if they went through with it.

In fact, the Polygon article already points to MS saying it wasn't their policy from...

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Smart move at clarifying the Harrison Kotaku comment.

Don Mattrick told Game Trailers that you could play games Offline and the used games was squashed in another interview.

I'm looking forward to what comes out of E3, but if MS try the 24 hour rule or the silly profile fee then they literally are sabotaging their own success.


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I'm buying an Xbox one on Day one.

My 360,PS3, PCs, laptops, phones etc. are all online so this won't effect me.

But, a fee for playing my game on another console is an idiotic policy if it turns out to be true.

Now if this turns out to be how a game like Destiny, Diablo 3, or an MMO is played then cool.

If this is for stand-alone single player games then I hope MS gets all the negative feedback possible to realize ...

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@ Hammad,

Silly to use percentages.

1 hour reveal vs. 2 hour reveal.

No suprises who showed more content.

Again, no surprises as to which conference had more games.


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It was completely expected, MS had the games at the conference, but it was announced on Major Nelson's last show that the big focus for games was going to be at E3.

I like that MS got the non-suprises out of the way and saved the other big dogs for the big show.


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@ Pirate Thom

'The entire internet disagrees with you'

LMAO. The ENTIRE Internet disagrees with what?

Are you really claiming that EVERONE on the internet had only positive things about Sony and EVERYONE on the internet has only negative things to say about this conference?

Believe what YOU want. I'm not hating on the Sony conference at all. What I am saying is you could easily make the argument that they both sh...

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Xbox One reveal focused on the Hardcore gamer as much as the reveal of the PS4 and the Wii-U.

All of the console reveals showed off the capabilities of their perspective hardware and showed off hardcore games.

MS showed off a system that is leveraged as the all-in-one, but that has nothing to do with not focusing on hardcore or casual type games.

The hardcore games were there, they didn't have 2 hours to showcase everything as Sony did, b...

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It was a perfect set-up for E3.

Both Sony and MS had reveals that easily could have been better, entertainment wise.

What MS did accomplish was getting the system out there, showing off it's capabilities, get the necessary announcements out of the way, all without having to wasting that same time doing it at E3.

Sony didn't have any knockout punches in Feb and MS didn't retort with any knockout punches.

Both, sho...

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Conference was far from desperate.

MS showed off what they needed to show, you could lobby the same criticisms at Sony.

At the end of the day, even without E3, MS is set-up perfectly to have a hugely successful launch.


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Tale of the tape.

Both Sony and Microsoft showed off the system and it's capabilities.

Sony had more time so they showed off more tech demonstrations.

But at the end of the day

Sony showed Killzone 4, Infamous, Knack, and Drive Club and a Move demonstration from Media Molecule with the Dancing puppets. Third party was Destiny, Diablo 3, Witness, and Capcom.

MS had only an hour and showed Forza 5, the ne...

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If people want to pretend that they didn't show games then that's cool for the tireless console war fodder.

It's like pretending the PS4 wasn't an actual console because they didn't show it at the presentation.

Microsoft was extremely wise to present the console the way the way they did. The set-up for E3 couldn't be better.

They showed the capabilities

The announced that 15 exclusives and 8 new IPS ...

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Not only is Xbox One CLEARLY a gaming device, MS went Apple made it also a must-buy for the TV techies.

Alway online..officially squashed.

E3 is going to huge.


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I've been saying this as soon as they started talking exclusive programming content.

I would have been happy with forward unto dawn as a series, it sounds like MS is taking this seriously. Good to hear.

Halo + Speilberg. I'm sold.


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