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It's extremely early, They haven't started actually marketing the console yet in the traditional sense yet. Historically MS is excellent when the promo campaign kicks in.

But, I agree that some of the one-liner responses have been helping them at all.

Will be fun to watch how they proceed PR wise post E3.


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I've been saying this all along on N4G.

In fact I said this a month ago in the article that stated how the Xbox One could outsell the PS4.

The bottomline is we are seeing this gen develop into a race where Sony and MS will both be successful.

But Sony at the end of the d...

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Weak article imo. Project Spark is one of the best games on the E3 stage and the Now Gamer is already reaching for the tumbleweeds in an attempt to spin negativity for it.

Great balance to the AAA blockbusters that made it on the stage.It's free to play, it's indie, and the creative tools are powerful. Hope the game gets alot of love on the Xbox One and PC ala Minecraft.


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Sucked to see the sound issues. Hope to see a big trailer at the European and Tokyo and games show.

Panzer rule. Great to see this type of game on Xbox One.


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Both MS and Sony do it.

At the PS Reveal, there were games you never knew were on other consoles.

On stage, Sony did a good job in the regard with Diablo 3.

Last year, the TV ads for Assassin's Creed 3 took the same approach MS does with Call of Duty, as the game 'appeared' to be exclusive to the PS3.

At the end of the day, COD games is the biggest game on the PS3 as it is on the 360, and Assassin's creed 3 ...

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I agree. When the smoke clears from E3, it's the games that matters. If MS delivers the games then they will be in a better position that they were post-reveal.


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@ DayZ

You hit it on the nail.

Geoff says this stuff all the time. He is the king of twitter hype.

I want to believe, but will wait till the day it drops.


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Turn 10 = Excellence


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Fable Anniversary came as a complete shock.

This is a great suprise coming to the end of the gen.


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Blessing in disguise.

Major Nelson couldn't have understated the whole 'we need to be clear' statement any further.

MS not only needs to be clear at this point, they need to shout it from the rafters if they arent going to use ridiculous policies that don't make any sense to the average gamer.

If not they will open the floodgates for the wave of negativity which they will at that point completely deserve.


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Even with a ridiculous backlog I'll probably end up pushing 200 strong gameswise on the 360 when it's all said and done.

Sony did a great job getting a good buzz for the PS4, but the Xbox One is still going to fly off of the shelves this holiday regardless on the strength of the core fan base.

The Reveal didn't hurt MS at all, the mixed up messages afterwards did.

The backlash couldn't have come at a better time as MS won'...

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Edge gave it a 10!

Nuff said.

The Naughty boyz are 4 for 4 this gen.

Can't wait to pick up my pre-order.


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Nope rule exists in your own mind. Re-watch if you don't know what games were shown.

Either way, they said they would be showing a lot of games and they didn't.

Once they show alt of games at E3 this argument will be mute.


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This just in.

According to the new rule started on the 21st of May.

Games that have trailers are NOT games.

In the real world. They ARE games. But we know WHY the new rule was started.


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15 exclusives 8 new IPs.

Either way, if they show games for the core and the casual, while leveraging Kinect and the multi-media the system is going to fly off the shelves.

E3 is going to be fun to watch


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Still, it was very bad form to not show at least one actual game or have one on stage presentation.

It would have been bad form not to show an actual game...but they did.

But, at the end of the day, it was smart for MS to save the goods for E3, because that's the only place it truly matters.


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The mainstream media had a good impression of what they showed. Sites like Kotaku have gone out of their way to bash the console long before are still going to work overtime long past the launch of Xbox One.

At the end of the day, the ball is in Microsoft's court. If they deliver on the games they promised at E3 and just be upfront about the silly rumors then they will be fine.


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Lol @ the article. It's not a problem at all.

Xbox one can't replace your Cable box. It will simply supplement it into ONE (lol) input.

It's a simple HDMI-In situation that's optional. If it does what MS says it will do then it'll be huge + for any cable owner with a standard box.

I loved the voice stuff as I use Kinect now to pause and play movies.


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I think MS did a good job playing it safe and they already preempted the fact that they would focus on games at E3.

But, in my opinion, they could have still gave nod to the indie guys at the Reveal.

Again, something that could be rectified.

Where I think the article is dead-on is MS went almost out of their way to wait till the interviews to address the rumor-ville, which turned out to be a double edged sword.

If gamers le...

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@ Jokes

'Now you've been smoking to much Root or whatever, Forward Until Dawn is already great'

I definitely co-sign on Forward unto Dawn.I was definitely impressed at how good it was.

They couldn't have enlisted a much better candidate than Speilburg to produce the show.


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