Best ways to use Cloaking Device in The Finals

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Are you wondering what are the best ways to use Cloaking Device in The Finals? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. The Finals have many unique specializations for its three Builds, but none can make you invisible except this one. Stick with us and we will explain how best to use the Light Builds Cloaking Device in The Finals. 

The Finals Best ways to use Cloaking Device

Screenshot of Cloaking Device in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Once activated, the Cloaking Device will make the user practically invisible for 12s. The invisibility that the Cloaking Device grants is full while a player remains still. Once the player starts moving they will appear as a translucent blur to the opponents, making them hard to see but not fully invisible. Activating this specialization gives a unique sound that everyone nearby can hear. Moreover, taking damage, attacking, or using other abilities will immediately end the effect of the Cloaking Device. This all makes the Cloaking Device the perfect tool for sudden attacks and quick exits from fights.   

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The Best Build for Cloaking Device in The Finals 

  • Weapon: XP-54 
  • Specialization: Cloaking Device
  • Gadgets: Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade, Vanishing Bomb

Cloaking Device is best used to get close to the enemy to do massive amounts of damage and exit the fight before enemies know what hit them. To this end, pairing this specialization with XP-54 and Stun Gun is a no-brainer. Hitting an enemy with the Stun Gun makes them slower and locks the use of certain actions for a short time. This makes them an easy target for the highly precise and deadly XP-54

Additionally, taking the Glitch Grenade will allow you to disable enemy gadgets and specialization for a short time. This gadget is a must for any Light Build and will help you deal with all sorts of different situations. Lastly, taking the Vanishing Bomb will give you an additional source of invisibility. Moreover, if used near teammates this gadget will also grant them the benefits of invisibility as well.

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