Will Palworld Be Released on PS5? Everything We Know So Far

Palworld image of a party of character fighting a boss monster

Palworld became a gaming phenomenon by having millions of players and selling over seven million copies in less than a week. But will Palworld be released on PS5? Let’s see.

The combination of a crafting survival sim and a Pokemon-like theme proved to be a hit in the gaming community. Palworld combined the best of both worlds with astounding success. As expected, you can explore, gather, and build, but with the help of cute critters called Pals. They can help you fight, explore, and build, or you can hunt them for resources. Every day the number of players and copies sold increases, but the game is only available on PC and Xbox. Why isn’t it available on other platforms, like PlayStation? Let’s find out. Will Palworld be released on PS5, is there anything on that subject? Read on and find out.

Will Palworld Be Released on PS5?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official info about Palworld coming to PS5. The game started off by only being playable on Xbox and PC. Despite that, it already has huge success, but that came with its own set of problems, like overloaded servers. When asked on Twitter, the devs said that Palworld will be playable on PS5, but offered no other information. On Steam FAQ, earlier this month, devs said that they “will consider it during development”. So, for now, we have some unofficial confirmations but nothing more. Guess we will have to wait a little bit for more concrete information.

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Is PS Release Somewhere in the Future?

Despite everything we gathered, the devs haven’t confirmed anything for now. There is a roadmap for Palworld which includes improvements like PvP, Raid Bosses, Pal Arena, Steam-Xbox Crossplay, and Various Xbox Feature Improvements, to name a few. There is nothing there to indicate when is making Palworld playable on PlayStation planned. Right now, Pocket Pair is fighting with all the issues that come with a huge but unexpected number of players, like bugs, stability, and anything else that prevents players from enjoying the game as it is intended.

But, not being on the roadmap does not mean the PS release is nowhere on the horizon. The popularity of the game may push the developers to make it playable on PlayStation 5 as soon as possible. We will just have to wait and see. We’ll update this article as soon as new info appears.

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