Palworld: How to fix “No Password Has Been Entered” error

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It should be noted that all online games have issues especially when they are released and Palworld is no exception to this. Encountering errors in a game is never a pleasant thing, but there are ways of fixing them. This is the case with the “No Password Has Been Entered” error message in Palworld. Stick with us and we will explain how you can fix this issue quickly. 

How to fix the “No Password Has Been Entered” error in Palworld

Keep in mind that this message is shown when you are trying to join friends’ dedicated servers. This means that there are workarounds for this error. Take the following steps to try to solve this issue.

Bypass the Password by using Community Servers

Following these steps will allow you to bypass the “No Password Has Been Entered” message. This means that you will be able to join a dedicated server directly using its IP address.  

  • Start Palworld.
  • Click on Join Multiplayer Game in the games menu.
  • Go to the Community Servers tab.
  • Select any server from the list that has a Lock icon (meaning that it requires a password to join).
  • When asked to provide the password type and password and click OK.
  • Answer with a NO when asked if you want to connect to the server.
  • Below the list of servers locate the IP address field and click on it.
  • There you can enter the IP address of a dedicated server you want to join, and press Connect to join the server. 
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Delete and Reset the Password

Alternatively, if your friends are having problems joining the dedicated server you have created, try the following: 

  • Delete the password needed to enter your dedicated server.
  • Allow your friends to join without requiring the password. 
  • After they all successfully joined, you can set a new password and add it to the configuration file. 

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