Beloved Strategem Still Broken as Helldivers 2 Players Plead to Devs

Helldivers 2 image of a Patriot Exosuit mech shooting

Did you notice a lack of Helldivers using Exosuits? Some Helldivers 2 players are frustrated with them and point out that after so much time, the mechs are still broken and unusable.

One of the turning points of Helldivers 2 was the introduction of mechs. These Exosuits provide a significant boost to your squad’s firepower while protecting you from small-arms fire and claws of smaller Terminids. But, new content is almost always followed by some errors. As soon as one issue is fixed, another takes its place. In the end, fans are still frustrated with broken mechs and 

Broken Mechs Left Some Helldivers 2 Players Frustrated

One Redittor, MotorMud3016, stated that in the beginning, the mech was working fine, except for the fact that you could blow yourself up by using its rockets. In short, the rocket’s hitbox could sometimes clip the body of your mech when fired, causing it to explode, destroying the Exosuit, and killing you in the process.

That problem was addressed and you can’t blow yourself up anymore. But, it seems that you can’t blow up anything anymore, as stated: “As a result, rockets no longer fire accurately and are difficult to aim precisely on targets within a certain distance. You can have your crosshair lined up exactly on a target and the rockets will completely whiff. “ This has led to some frustration, with the OP stating that he would rather have the rockets as they were, “I’d much rather have accurate rockets that blow me up sometimes over rockets that rarely hit their mark. “

Helldivers 2 image of a destroyed mech
Image via N4G Unlocked

The Community is Quick to Point Out Other Flaws

The original post has brought an avalanche of comments, with players expressing their frustration with the mechs. Yipeekayya said: “I didn’t see many ppl using the mech after the mech “fix”. Me myself included…It’s really frustrating when u just can’t land those rocket shots accurately from a distance because of its misaligned rocket aim…” More and more players chime in with their complaints about the rockets, and mechs in general.

Others use this opportunity to point out that mechs are not the only broken thing in Helldivers 2. Rude-Illustrator5704 stated: “A lot of things are left in a broken or useless state in this game. Half of the weapons and stratagems will never be viable no matter their niche because of how subpar their performance is compared to literally anything else…” Lastly, Sol0botmate provided a detailed comment, stating that Arrowhead constantly releases unfinished and broken new content.

In the end, the game does have a lot of bugs, but that is not stopping the majority of players from enjoying the game. True, you can overcome the rocket issue by slightly modifying your aim before using them. But a complete fix would still be better and will make the majority of Helldivers 2 players happy.

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