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Don't give them the hits, guys.

The PS Store is back tomorrow, and that's when the game comes out.

They are just looking for hits.

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It's come a long way.

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Don't worry. Alex Seedhouse's website, Nintendo Universe, only creates these obvious stories for hits. He soon realizes he looks bad for pointing out the sheer obvious.

Right, Alex?

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Activision milking UK consumers again, and again, and again.

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Good luck, Brandon.

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ChadWarden be ballin'.

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Don't be fooled, these are just the previosuly released screens for the PC all in one.

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Good; while it's harsh, Activision deserve it somewhat.

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Bottom line is, Crecente from Kotaku who leaked it is a complete dick. He looks like a dick, has a face of a dick and he knows he's a dick.

However, Activision deserve this as they aren't the coolest guys, too. They milk gamers with such ease on the same engine, same damn game (just different maps, and tweaked).

But really, Crecente is the real loser here. Let the big games have their own unveil, why fucking leak them?

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You didn't explain any of the gameplay or anything and how you picked up a promo or preview code on your so called "small site" beats me.

Also, inFamous 2 is out on Jun 7th, not 6th.

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Can't wait to get my hands on the game, especially the Move integration.

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Always wanted to play Dead Nation; nice one, Sony.

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25-30 hours:


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MW3; can't wait.

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Speak the truth, as your name says.

I'm sure many N4G readers have played Warhawk and loved its concept; it was so fun playing with N4G members I remember years ago; just such a great game.

Starhawk is going to be amazing.

Hawks fighting in space? Sign me up.

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Starhawk is a man's game; none of that COD bullshit.

At least it tries to do things differently. Activision are milking gamers by using the same fucking engine over and over again.

I'm coming for you, Kotick: you fat bastard.

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Loved Warhawk so much.

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Has a nice concept.

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