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What the hell do you think? Of course it's affected it in some way; it's affected most online-enabled games.

I see every site is milking readers due to the PSN outage.

"One unnamed insider told us this morning"


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Er.... because they're Sony fanboys...?

Don't give these guys the satisfaction of getting an impression.

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Oh really?

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When PSN is online publishers and developers can get a sale.

When PSN is down publishers and developers cannot get a sale.

Wow, I would never have guessed.

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Do you expect websites to host uncompresssed images which are 10MB in size? Not even gamespot does that.

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"According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous"


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Whatever Guerrilla makes, I'm buying it. Can't wait.

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WTF? There's nothing in this article... they say, well, nothing!

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How many Kinect games will we see!

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GTFO Anonymous

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I'd laugh my head off if Microsoft don't announce any new significant games (for the 360, not Kinect).

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I've been waiting for the game ever since it was announced; great game.

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lol, Gamerzines; you won't be getting a hit from me.

Just wow. I'm crying due to extreme levels of laughter.

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The thing is, though; Uncharted 2's multiplayer was super fun: it differentiated it self from others to an extent where it was just sheer enjoyment being had.

With Naughty Dog saying they want to compete with the big boys in the online space, they have one hell of a shot with Uncharted 3 and I'd recommend you to at least try it.

Everyone knows the story will be stellar; but multiplayer is just too much fun to miss out on, dude.

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Those are amazing.

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Haters are hating hard.

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They uploaded an image but it's hard to tell.

The video shows, from the 3.23 minute point, that it looks more on the side of campaign split-screen.

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Naughty Dog just keep getting better and better.

And, can't wait for the multiplayer beta. Hopefully if you pre-order inFamous 2 you get a code like they did with Uncharted 2 in the original inFamous.

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No, it lifts on 19th. This isn't even a review, read it. It's a preview.

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