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I played it a few months back and I really enjoyed it; the ping-pong was impressive; the spin you can apply with the Move is just really great.

Can't wait for the developer's next title.

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What the... really?

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Not that bad - just have to wait a few minutes.

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Love the Ratchet games; can't wait for All 4 One - especially since it's 4-player-co-op.

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Yeah, and it was so rubbish.

Will be happy if this rumor is true, screen looks pretty legit.

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Every single type of food-eating piece of s***. Happy?

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Jim Sterling reads N4G comments (he tweets how the people who comment here are stupid)

But really, Jim Sterling just wants to receive attention.

All his reviews (and I really couldn't give a shit) don't make sense:

Assassin's Creed II

Just a attention seeking, cake-eating, piece of s***

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Too bad the Xperia is so expensive in the UK... like everything else in this country.

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It wasn't an interview the way you think it is... they found the author's, Sebastian Moss, details and were talking about his location, etc. They invited him into a chat and they talked about various things.

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Did anyone else digg Brotherhood's multiplayer? I thought it was one of the best in this generation... hoping it'll continue into AC3.

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Anonymous/hackers: meet my little friend:

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Shit just got serious.

LOL at those who said the group weren't serious.

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I love the fact that Sony keeps getting top developers to create HD upgrades of some popular titles. If they add Move support for RE4, then we have a winner.

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This is direct from the developer's offices. It was being prepped for E3 2011.

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OP: Shame, Microsoft. I bet you were saving this for E3. Looking good, never the less.

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Hopefully it's Kojima's new title. We are waiting, good sir.

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Not every single story is April's fools. Click play, you'll see it's internal footage; it's too good to be made up. It was leaked.

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I take it your only console is the 360; sorry you can't play Angry Birds.


@Kon, well that's good to hear... Shame you can't play it on the 360, though, right?

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In the end... there will only be CHAOS!!


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