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Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.
Please be 8 days.

See what I did there? :)

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Didn't really care about it since they were only going to give away a few small goodies.

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Brink is one of the few shooters I've been looking forward to for a long time.

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He wasn't using Japan as an excuse, he said that is what everyone should be worrying about and even provided a donation link.

Why would anyone even think about using Japan as an excuse for anything? You should help because they need it and you know it.

Stop being a fanboy, grow the hell up, and think about what's more important in life then slating someone who has genuine care for Japan.

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I'm truly stunned at how people didn't even try to find out if Greenberg really did say it.

I mean, the site said the news came from CVG... so wouldn't CVG had posted this massive story?

Busted, indeed.

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Would love a new Splinter Cell game

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20th May.

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I love the fact that Sony is working with developers to bring all these HD collections to the PS3. Makes the reason owning my PS3 seem that little bit more worth it.

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I hope so. GOW3 was one of my fav titles

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What are you on about? It's like $80 if you convert it. It's already $57.99 in Amazon US... Amazon UK are doing twice that price... so sad; they're milking consumers hardcore.

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Got this the other day; great game. Well worth the fee

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The only game I'm looking forward to this year is Uncharted 3.

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Actually, it shows how big of an improvement it is when the game gets an HD upgrade.

For example:

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"Resident Evil 4 will feature support for trophies and achievements along with the visual upgrades."

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Gabe said: "The PS3 version of Portal 2 will be the best version on any console."

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This site has nothing to do with VGchartz.

And it's an actual case filed by Sony.

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There's more evidence showing it's his PSN account.

"Hotz’s ownership of the “blickmanic” account is further supported by the fact that an Internet search of the user name “blickmanic” reveals a posting discussing the jailbreaking of cellular phones"

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It's an official file from Sony... how in the world could it be an April's fools joke?


Georgy Boy,
Georgy Boy
what you gonna do,
what you gonna do when Sony come for you?

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New WORKING video has been uploaded - find it in the story.

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This is the EXTENDED TRAILER. The Kratos gameplay wasn't in the demo trailer at all; it's new.

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