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"Will you announce MGS5" - NO.

Yeah, Kojima's just going to confirm the existence of MGS5 in a podcast, right, Andriasang?

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Don't be fooled by the title: the Store's not back, they just talk about online gaming events happening.

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The 1.45 mark - looks like it's Uncharted 3

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The date of the maintenance paired with the statement of Sony recently saying they are going to bring back the Store by the end of this month inevitably hints at it.

Can't wait for the Store to return; want to download Dead Nation so badly.

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Collector's edition, yep:


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Eurogamer milk their readers - they create obvious and sensationalist stuff.

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Every time you see something new do you get, like, extremely excited to the point where you say anything to showcase you're excited?

It's embarrassing dude, stop.

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Looks ace. Can't wait to pop this badboy into the triple.


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They're assuming it's as long as last year's; the title is fake.

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Yep, and the title is fake.

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If you were logged into the PSN before they started the maintenance, then you can still play online; that's why.

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Looks awesome

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Angry birds!

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Jim Sterling be trolling, he hating....

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Sony wins E3 weeks before it starts?


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How did this get from 40 to 120 in 1 minute?

GamerZines, you so naughty!

Edit: 220 in 3 minutes now?

Nice - totally believable looking through your site's submission history.

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Forget that; Uncharted 3 gameplay (similar to Uncharted 2's E3 demo) would send shivers down Microsoft's spine.

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You see how excited he was eating that cookie at the beginning? What the hell is wrong with him; he gets excited with everything.

It's embarrassing to watch.

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The Store is back tomorrow, and that's when the game comes out.

They are just looking for hits.

@Below: It's Monday in the UK.

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