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I hope they bring the sequel back and release it in 2012; the first Mirror's Edge was such a breath of fresh air.

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You've seen a few amazing trailers and say that's enough of a reason to name a game (which is not out) the game of the year already? Wow.

There's countless games coming out which have the same caliber of Battlefield 3 but let's wait till all the games have been released?

And people wonder why game journalists are just enthusiastic.

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Loved getting the trophies on the second game, no doubt will get all these too.

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The PR company who handles it is called... wait for it...

Lunch PR!

I'm not kidding, it really is.

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Really? I called my local ASDA and they are selling it for the price... maybe certain branches aren't doing the deal?

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Let's hope they announce it at GDC.

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Man, I've been waiting for this game forever

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Yep, indeed. Looked fantastic at E3, can't wait to get my hands on it. Graphics especially look stunning.

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Once the PS3 price drop goes official I'm buying 10 of them.

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This is in-store and Kmart announced this themselves.

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Yakuza 4! Woot!

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Can't wait for this game - the sound is particularly exception.

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Hopefully Sony announce it soon; I would buy a PS3 at that price in a heartbeat.

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With all the add-ons such as all DLC, it's a bargain, indeed.

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ffs. I need to go a hunger strike too.

inFamous 2 is worth a hunger strike.

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Damn. Was really hoping to get a release date and some new footage.

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Can't wait for this.

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We'll see... PS Suite is really interesting so it may very well do so

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The majority of the gaming journalists who were sent the review code didn't bother getting fellow press members and playing online.

The people who did thoroughly test the multiplayer all gave it high scores.

So, basically, 90% of the press are too obsessed in getting the review done before embargo time that they don't try out the whole game.

The people who did try multiplayer out, most of their reviews isn't out yet... such as Kot...

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3DS is nothing but a more powerful version of the DS with a gimmick; 3D.

However, NGP is offering a lot more (stuff that is useful like 3G and other killer features) and there's still a lot to be revealed, so I'd invest in an NGP.

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