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Only on the triple.

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"Yep, its Jason Statham from 13. I just checked, its about 38 minutes into the movie."

Via GAF.

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Kotaku - giving games media a bad image one story at a time.

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He said that because many thought he'd be hacking something gaming related, but he's not.

I know it's not mature, but that's what hackers are: men who live in their mother's basement, getting high over hacking and have no girlfriend.

When you say "girl" to them, they burn, literally.

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What in the name of madusa... we already know this stuff - PS Vita name, etc.


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Just announce GTA V or Half Life 3.

After Square announcing FFXIII going to the Xbox 360, you NEED to drop a massive bombshell.

Portal 2 was good, but we need something bigger. Do it.

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The original Stig got fired for revealing his identity via releasing a biography. However, they brought another Stig in who is believed to be a female driver.

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Looks cool. Portal especially

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Did anyone think otherwise?

I mean, it's already confirmed via images, Sony's dev site...

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Hopefully another surprise announcement like Portal 2

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Hacker has already said it's music related, not gaming.

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And the reward of most misleading title of all time goes to... yes, you guessed right, this article!

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Most misleading headline of all time - the maintenance page has been showing for 1 month.

Online log-in has been down for ages:

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Please be Peace walker for PS3.

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Looks cool.

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Misleading: "They’re leaps and bounds ahead of Microsoft in the IP department."

In the IP department: yes, this is obvious with Sony having tons of IPs in 2011 and Microsoft only having a few.

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Because, IGN suck.

They suck at reviewing in general.

Their closing comments on each aspect of a game (gameplay, music, etc) usually contradict the points made about it in the text.

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Well done, Sucker Punch and IGN.

Sucker Punch for creating an amazing sequel.

Well done to IGN for not giving the 50 millionth 8.5 score.

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Wow. This is going to be fun.


Arabic commentators go crazy.

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