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This is true.

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I have not homebrewed anything, but I like the idea. I think Sony should charge $100 dollars for kits, let these guys do the grunt work for apps. Like Android.

Let us have unsupported codec support etc. Since Sony is managing and giving the OK, no Homebrew (sadly) or pirating.


I just want more codec support and maybe stuff like Pandora and Grooveshark.

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I wouldn't lump Kinect only titles as 360 games. I'm not going to spend 150 dollars to play those titles, they are Kinect titles, not 360 titles.

I don't consider Move Heroes a PS3 game, I consider it a move game.

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It is their first online game. Delays will happen.

Just because its delayed a few months does not mean they are working on a MGS title. Most likely delayed due to SEGA afraid to release a online focus title along with Modern Warfare 3 and BF3.

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No. They are working on Anarchy Reigns. The developers talked about how they are working with SEGA because they allow them to work on their own IPs. Why would they do development work for another franchise?

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No, their list is great. So great that it just happens that we own those damn games! AT least I do. It sucks.

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If I didn't own the games, I would be thrilled. But I already paid for those games. Is it OK that I get nothing?

Sony should have offered, people's whos account already had all the title some in store credit. Maybe like $30 bucks.

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Would have loved MAG. I already have all the ones on the list (outside the Fury expansion), if MAG was on the list I would have at least gotten one new game instead of nothing new.

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I thought my bottom was wet from the news, it was just my wallet crying.

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Sony should give those loyal customers that already own it, like 30 dollar credit to the store.

The reason they have 4-5 titles to choose is because they don't want multiple accounts to take all of the games.

If they check your trophies or buying history they should know. just give those accounts money.

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Yeah, PSN's online is up. Time to play a single player game.

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Namco needs to get better teams.

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I lost 2 games I was working on due to this .

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Paying monthly to play a game you paid full price for sucks.

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Playing it. Its pretty bad.

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This is how Sony fights trade ins.

All kidding aside. Fuck VGchartz. Horrible site full of misinformation.

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7 Things we want Nintendo to do to win E3, they will do none of it and we will still praise them like we did the Wii. Why? Because we grew up playing NES/SNES etc etc Nintendo does no wrong, innovators etcetc Sony copies etc etc PSN down. I get it.

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Another one.... let me do an article about how NBA 2K12 is coming.

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The DS one is good so far, the PS3 isn't. It borrows from god of war, but has bad animation. Has some good ideas, but very weak.

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Wow. A steal.

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