Under the Rotten Sky


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No. I hope not.

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IN b4 butthurt 360 fanbo... oh nvm.

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I thought this meant that we could play games we paid 60 dollars to play for free... you know.. no Xbox Live Gold requirement?

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Point is that there are plenty of SF games, some of which suck.

Sonic Colors, Sonic 4 where good. This one looks like its the same direction with a retro flare.

Why not stop being a hypocrite and wait for the game to have some playable footage before you start whining?

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Since no one here knows anything. It was leaked last year that the anniversary game would include levels from Sonic's history. Looking at the new/retro Sonic in the teaser doesn't surprise me.

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Says man with Street Fighter avatar.

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Dude, I complain about old news making it and I get disagreed by fanboys (see Rise of Nightmares rating being passed on front page like 3 times).

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No, just run a SEGA blog and I picked up rating info on this very site.

I'm sorry you didn't see the news, just because you didn't doesn't mean I'm wrong.

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I'm not mad. I'm actually a fan of SEGA horror games and looking forward to it. Where did I say I was mad?

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Jesus, too many exclusives.

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3rd time this has been submitted. No other games coming to Kinect or something?

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God. People don't know anything. According the leak last year, the game is going to 'have levels' from Sonic's history. So if Sonic Paradise fansite is to be believed, this is the game. They will revisit Classic Sonic. HENCE why the teaser has classic Sonic and new Sonic running through an unfinished Green Hill Zone.

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No Microsoft. Thanks.

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I'm not even a Microsoft fan and I disagree with this. I think most of what they do is to make money and keep consumers happy.

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This is kinda old.

Can we report/delete this?

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Joe makes some of the most over exaggerated faces ...

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I think have have improved with some titles, some they have not sadly.

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Dude, PLUS euro edition kicks the face of the American one this month. I mean, are we even getting free DLC?

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And here I liked it when EA was giving out content to users that bought their games brand new.

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Yeah, exactly. I'm confused. I have actually written articles on how much misinformation IGN puts out. One time when I did put one up, the writer for the article (free lancer) came to our forums and got really mad. He was a good guy, I just don't understand the need to do this.

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