Under the Rotten Sky


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Not worth it.

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Fuck 'em.

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I won't pay for it. Sorry, looks terrible.

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Yes its done, but there is producers for localizing. Its not easy. Before him there was Yakuza which had bad voice overs, then 2. Then this gen was 3 which had cut stuff.

He is the one that pushed SEGA to bring 4 in a more restored way.

Dead Souls didn't do so hot. It was approved and done before SEGA's tragic news about them cutting back on full releases and focusing more on digital. You can read that here:
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Problem: Yakuza: Dead Souls was already done before SEGA West cut back. Lots of their titles got canceled. They are now doing more digital since their consumer business lost tons of cash.

This is the guy that pushed for 4 to be brought over. Now he is gone.

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It was like 40 when it came out on Amazon. If a game deserves your money, its that one.

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Yes, confirmed a few days ago:

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Its not a remake retard, its a port. Just like the last few.

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Vinnie, you should stick to rap.

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I got it on steam's sell. It is worth the dollar and some change.

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Shenmue 3, sweet.

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Sorry, but I disagree. SEGA had arcade games that looked better 2-3 years before 1995.

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Dude, corny? This is the franchise with bi-sexual vampires and a dude that is straight out of a 80's film as a hero. Come on now...

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I forgot that PSN was hacked... and I follow gaming news.

Year of Insert Something Here is stupid. Its an opinion and to me, it has been year of Playstation since 2008, when I purchased my PS3.

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Who cares?

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I'm a huge retro fan and I have to agree. I reviewed it and enjoyed it. But I was shocked at how much I liked Modern Sonic (outside of Planet of the Wisps level). Modern Sonic in itself has been pretty much perfected outside of little things that I hate. (like homing being its own button. I'm used to double taping jump!)

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I played Rayman and Sonic will never be like this due to what Sonic is. Its hard to make a Sonic game, the speed aspect is what kills it. Its hard for gamers to know when to go 'fast' and when to platform. I think Generations did a pretty good job! You should try it.

Though I agree, Rayman is great. I wish Sonic Team would bring back Ristar in the same vein as Rayman Origins!

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Only took a damn year to deliver...

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Pick up Sonic Colors.

Adventure 2 has not aged well.

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What is so fun about standing in light and waiting for light to move to go forward?

This is what is wrong with gaming. ...

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