Under the Rotten Sky


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Hum, needs some solid games for 2012, 2011 line up is nowhere near PS2 quality for their 6th year out on the market.

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Sony: "We have Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer on the case"

Ah, better than expected.

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Was going to post this, I missed it, but at least everyone knows about it.

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.... hahah sites want them hits.

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The problem with the leak is, 95% of the negative information has turned out to be false. I think the misinformation is hurting Sony more than the hack is.

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Neither do I, just used it as an example. :)

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I think you are focusing too much on the title, I think it has more impact and is correct. You want people to change a 'name brand' to an off brand.

If I say "I need a band aid", we know what it means, if I change it to "I need an adhesive strip"... both phrases would accomplish the same thing... only using more mainstream terminology here.

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But it is a 'trick based' skateboarding game....that looks to play just like Tony Hawk...

Its not just him on a skateboard, that would be like Sonic Riders.

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No. You think he knows anything about security? He hired a team so secure PSN. He won't be fired, the team he hired will be fired and replace.

That is like me making an article about Obama not being elected President next term because there is a pot hole in my road that is a safety concern.

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I could do without it.

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Doesn't Yakuza games use this? Like.. since Yakuza 3 ... in like 2008? Should be.

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Should Sony be blamed for being hacked? No. Hacking happens. They should be blamed for not encrypting user data and not telling consumers at the first sign that their information might have been stolen.

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There are tons of accounts hacked all the time online. Especially banks. It happens. The real issue here is that sony did not encrypt personal data. Big blunder in their part.

Negligence would have been if they gave away or knew the attack was coming and sat back. There is no prove of this.

Did Sony make mistakes? Yes. You are acting like they wanted this to happen.

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At first I was .... and now i'm :D

Never doubt Nagoshi.

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I agree.

I'll believe it when I use it.

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I love reposts.

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If Credit cards where taken, the hackers must be the worse ever. I mean, they literally got granted 7 days with millions of CC numbers and there are no incidents reported?

Usually when someone steals CC info, they use it asap before the card holder finds out. It has been 7 days and not outbreak of incidents with credit card fraud has been reported.

Seems to be that the CC information has been kept safe. I think its wise for users to keep monitoring their ba...

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I'm not happy at all. I know, its not totally Sony's fault, but they are not very good at communicating. They need to give us all the dirt now, instead of letting people wonder what is happening.

There is a ton of rumors on NeoGAF, some reported that their CC have been used without permission.

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Nintendo is basically going 'copy SEGA' crazy. So it might be true lol.

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