Under the Rotten Sky


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Whatever that Gears of War 1 level was, the one where you can't 'go into the dark'. Terrible.

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That is too low. I doubt its a bad game, just a different game. I love it though, Crack in Time was marked lower for being the same thing, now they change it up and its bad?

Can't win with the gaming public.

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Patches = bad game? I know it came sort of broken. Regardless of little issues, I loved the beta. This is not a bad game at all. Stop trolling.

If patches mean't bad games, Team Fortress 2 would be considered the worse game of all time.

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SEGA has a insane line up. This, Yakuza Dead Souls, Binary Domain, Guardian Heroes (today), etc.

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A little bit? Serial?

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I notice this more often on PC titles. Its broken and you need work arounds to fix it. A reason I hardly game on PC.

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Apps are coo, but are not part of the system update.

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They already said this was not true and that he jokes 99.9% of the time on twitter.

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Sorry, I love Sonic and I think most people give him a bad name. His last games where great.

But seriously, best use of 3D? The game was like 20fps most of the time in 2D.

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... wait... Warhammer is now a clone of Gears of War? Fucking horrible article and horrible website.

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Companies have exclusivity and they do protect that. I recall youtube taking down the teaser for Vanquish when it first came out, because it was exclusive to Gametrailers.

Lame, but if you owned a site and had an exclusive trailer you worked hard to get, I'm sure you would do the same.

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I had the crashing issue, now fixed. Feels good man.

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I prefer PSN, I like the DRM being more forgiving. Though XBLA has been getting some great exclusive titles. XBLA titles are like... the only thing I can think of that Xbox 360 has going for it.

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Did you read the review? It is by Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann.

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Its an opinion... who cares?

We all know its not for everyone, obviously its not for Jeff.

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Only 200 million? Sorry, for a company that shifts 15 million units of a sports game that isn't too high.

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No seriously, fuck this game.

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Job has nothing to do with it. I love how people have no issue with this. Its out of principle.

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... no. Thanks though.

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It is when you get older. Obviously it is also dependent by person.

Also its not just 'getting fat', its about being healthy. You aren't healthy if you are eating Pizza every day.

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