Under the Rotten Sky


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Probably as long as it took Nintendo to copy the Dreamcast...

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Pretty much.

Now Nintendo is going to act like it will support the hardcore, then not release games for a long time, only casual stuff.

Rinse, repeat.

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Actually not true, Phantasy Star Online on xbox did have a subscription fee when it came out. The game was 2 months free and after that you paid $8.95 per month.

The only one that was free to play online, officially from SEGA, was the first Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast.

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It is what SEGA said. I'm sure its going to come to consoles, but so far that is not the case.

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PC only as of now. May 20th starts Alpha testing (open to Japanese users that bought Phantasy Star Porable 2 Infinity first pressing)

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I just got Blaze Blue at Gamestop for 13 bucks. It had a 99MB patch...still works. Actually I had some demos in que to download, (Virtua Tennis 4) and it also downloaded in the downtime.

I think only access to sign in is shut down due to the 'hacker' thing.

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Yet, they didn't bitch when Xbox Live was down for 13 days. Hypocrites.

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At least I can play Sega Rally online with my Saturn and SEGA Netlink. HAR HAR.. lolol

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Re-imburse you with what you pay for, sure.

For people that play Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 the first week after the outage, they get in game content for free on Sony. They bought the game, couldn't fully enjoy them.

PSplus users get a month free.

Sony lost millions not having PSN open. They will just lose more money giving away stuff for people that still whine.

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Not only that, how the hell does Anon know they took the servers down themselves?

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No thanks Nintendo. 3 generations of disappoint with me.

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Hmmm suspicious that MS is offering free xbox live weekend and PSN is down when they are attempting a Guinness world record attempt.

Doing it right?

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I'll be honest, I don't know what Coyote River is... you should be ashamed. But that is basically the Sonic fanboys that whines, yiffing furries.

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Going to wait and purchase it on PS3 with a smile on my face. Tesuya Miziguchi is the man.

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Didn't they just release a Medieval one?

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I love how Hip Hop Gamer writes about himself in the 3rd person to act like he is 'respected' by other writers.

You have a website named after your online persona where you upload videos and then talk about yourself in the third person about how great you are? I can't take you serious man, instead of trying to have a big e-penis, why not just focus on work. <...

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Screen is too close to the buttons, would not work in real life.

Dreamcast did this... 12 years ago.

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Broken with Sonic Colors. But ignore that... right?

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Did you miss the Sonic Color reviews and release?

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I think PSN could learn a bit from STEAM, but most of the stuff is there. Yes, Steam has cross game chat, yes they have better deals. But Sony has some killer deals sometimes too.

Cross game chat is different on PC than consoles.

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