Under the Rotten Sky


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or N4G.. o... wait.

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Probably the truth, a hacker that seeks attention, who goes too far and whimpers like a child when Sony takes him to court.

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Cool, hope it comes to 360 too, more sales.

Note: I only own a PS3, but having the game on 360 will not effect us PS3 owners at all.

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Yep. Been playing the game, its Shang Tsung.

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We did an interview with the designer and he said PSO was a big influence. Not hard to tell if you play the game.

Its a great game, everyone should give it a spin!.

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Good job!

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Nintendo fans will buy it either way. They had that issue for 2 generations and everyone is like "THIS IS IT, THIS IS AWESOME'

Bam... droughts.

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Are they now getting names from 1920's Marvel Comic writers?

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I don't know. They said that consumers don't care much about graphics, so why would they upgrade to a HD Wii? I mean, they could just stick with their Wii and play their casual games?

Are they trying to get the 360/PS3 demographic? The Wii branding is not so hot to most 360/PS3 gamers I talked to.

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Who cares? It is a co-op puzzle game. People say that mouses are more accurate, but its not a 'shooting' game really, so a pad is good enough.

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Its Sony, not Microsoft. I don't blame you for being confused.

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Game was straight up SEGA arcade goodness.

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Glad Dualshockers are looking for info on the title.

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They played it save and in my opinion it turned out better for them in the long run.

Adding a HD-DVD player back when it launched would have been costly to both the consumer and Microsoft. It wouldn't have guaranteed a victory for either, especially Microsoft. They where going up against the successor to the PS2.

They had to keep prices low (and 400 was NOT low tbh). The only thing that saved them was Sony's mistakes and delaying titles...

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So they can take forever to develop it.

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Sad part... is you are the biased one here and what he said is basically the truth.

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Too much $

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Thats cool, a bit early for a sequel...

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Obviously I read it, did you not understand my comment. Idiot.

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