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Read it properly next time and you'll see that it says Video Chat straight out of the box not Voice Chat.

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Its getting to a point with the Vita being in the same league as PS Move:

A dead weight with hardly any exclusives and a lack commitment from its creators.

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Or cared about yer.

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I think at this point Nintendo has just trolled Sony with this 3 year deal.

Good on you, Nintendo!

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I love Axton's Red Skull head.

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Either its this Acid Ghost game or the unveiling of the recently rumoured HD re-release of Resident Evil: Revelations which also takes place primarily on a ship.

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I actually thought it was a reskined version of the first few levels from Deus Ex: HR

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This doesn't sound very real to me, why would they produce a game at a 1000g that's the size of an XBLA game.

And better yet this game was designed for the 3DS in mind, how on earth could they bring it to consoles.

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Patent Wars will never end, it's just the way the world works these days.

Although it is getting more and more ridiculous as it happens.

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And at such speed too, no fan artist could create the 3 starter evo look alikes in less than 24hrs.

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I absolutely loved this Game it had everything you could ever ask for from a wrestling fans point of view.

The only downside to my experience of WWF No Mercy was that my cartridge was one of the few that had the game save erasing bug that was apart of the early PAL versions. But still it was a great game none the less.

I hope I'm not the only one that suffered from this problem.

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No windows in Steam Box, gee that doesn't surprise me. Hate consoles that have see though plastic that shows the insides.

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Considering that Bioshock Inf is out over a week later (its even mention in the article), that release date is highly unlikely.

Also, looking back at Rockstar's previous track record, my money is on a May release, considering that they've brought out a major game in this month for 3 Years running.

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Btw, Skyrim is on sale on Sunday, tomorrow is The Walking Dead.

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This game left a bad taste in my mouth in terms of Assassins Creed games.

It had an interesting start but then it was followed by a boring story, boring characters, huge open areas land that were just uninteresting to explore, confusing political babel and historical figures who turned out to be complete dicks and an ending that just ended to quickly!

Worse game in the series if you ask me. Im glad i traded it in for Ubisofts far better and more satisfying ga...

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If the Xbox Live Xmas sales is anything to go by, I think TWD 1-5 are all on sale some time this Christmas so I think i'll get on board with this newly crowned game of the year.


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Its funny how the writer comments that its disappointing that you can't use the the remaining 1TB on your HDD. At home i have a laptop with 500gb, a 360 with 250gb and a PS3 with 120gb and i I've barely reached the limits of all 3 of them.

Unless the file sizes get crazy with the Wii U i can hardly see someone breaching the 2TB limit any time soon so i don't think they's any need to worry for now.

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I love the way Far Cry 3 has been built, the walking element just makes the game better. And if you choose to just drive and fast travel everywhere you'd miss out on all the hidden parts and beautiful scenery scattered around the island. Exploration is the best part of open world games and thats a fact.

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The one thing that I've always liked about the covers of BioShock is that it tells me what to expect in this game:

BS1: The cover of the first BioShock show me what I'm going to go up against - a badass Big Daddy.

BS2: In the second games cover, it showed me that i was to become a Big Daddy myself and kick all sorts of ass. Which I did...

BSI: This cover doesn't tell me anything about what I'm expected to do, fight, become o...

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How on earth is Assassin’s Creed 3 17gb when it barely reaches 10gb on the 360? (And thats with both discs!)

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