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What I don't understand is why it says that 'Randy always said that it was his main wish to entertain his fans and that he had failed to do so'

If that's the case then why didn't Randy and the rest of Gearbox make the game then instead of passing on to someone else.

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... Does article writer realise that its an Arcade/PSN game and not DLC.

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Woohoo, no more Marketplace clutter!

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Clearly the article writer hasn't played Aliens: CM.

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Something else comes to mind about this, a few months back i read that the developer (can't remember the name) who ported the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 were working on porting a AAA Square Enix game to the Wii U.

Although at the time, i thought it would be a Wii U version of Tomb Raider but now I'm not sure. It would be nice to see Deus Ex on the Wii U but I'd rather see a sequel than a re-release of HR.

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Thinking about it though, the plot would similar to that of another famous Nintendo time travel story.

If true, (which i now very much doubt) they might as well call it Pokemon X/Y: Wristwatch of Time.

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Or a Wii U gamepad?

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Also the fact that both Jean & Jane are girls names.

The male main character name would be spelt Gene not Jean.

Case in point:
Jean Simmons - Actress from the 50s/60s

Gene Simmons - Lead singer of KISS

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Yeah, I starting to have some sense of truth about this rumour until I read about the time travel stuff.

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Lets not forget that game is the Wii U version scaled down and crammed into the 3DS cart so there were probably no room left for online play.

Its understandable but annoying at the same time.

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I'm more amazed that who ever wrote the article thinks that its spelt Revengeace instead of Revengence?

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Hate to burst your bubble but Valve aren't ones for taking on licenses. There all about making there own game IPs.

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I can see where this is coming from but I'm not so sure about the Sound type. Light type on the other hand has been long rumoured since the first days of Gen 3 (R/S/E).

Besides that the only other type I'm hoping to see is a Magic type. Which would also work in the world of Pokemon.

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I'm sort of glad they stuck close to the original 3DS games cover.

And this box art looks better than some of the other Resi titles released in recent memory.

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Hopefully they'll add new and interesting characters & villains to plot just like the last two Adventure games did.

I hope it is the next game in the Adventure series, even though its been over 10 years since Sonic Adventure 2 was first released (Man that makes me feel old), I have a good feeling that Sega can pull it off.

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You do know the second one is a rejigged version of the Wii U's pro pad?

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I hope they do considering the rock solid relationship that Platinum's having with Nintendo right now.

MG Rising would be right at home on the Wii U.

I just hope that Konami see's sense and let's it happen.

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A Pokemon NFC game - Yes Please.

Believe me, if its a Pokemon equivalent of Skylanders then Nintendo will be onto a winner.

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It'd be great to see how they use the Gamepad features with this game.

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What dev's aren't getting is the fact that in order to increase the Wii U's install base they have to release games in order to sell the console in the first place.

Let's think, how many sales of Wii U's will go up with the release of say Bayonetta 2 or Super Smash Bros 4. Probably a lot.

Now i know that they are Nintendo exclusives and they will sell consoles but that still doesn't give 3rd party dev's a reason not to release th...

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