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I have to say... Great Photo. Suits his personality.

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Wii? Wii 2?

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It sounds to me like they might adapt Resident Evil: Zero.

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I have a funny felling we will see the proper trailer tomorrow!

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Lara Croft is an XBLA game so it doesn't count, it means DLC as in stuff to add on to the existing game.

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This might explain why some games that had expansions on the PC versions didn't get a 360 release or released as a seperate game.

Command & Conquer 3 & C&C: Red Alert 3 comes to mind with the C&C3 Kane's Wrath expansion which was released as a retail game and RA3's Uprising expansion got watered down to a XBLA game with Commanders Challenge.

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Playing Half Life 2 on The Orange Box for the first time was good and am glad they expanded the story with Half Life 2:
Episode 1 - The Phantom G-Man
Episode 2 - Attack of the Striders.

And after 3 1/2 years we are still waiting for
Episode 3 - Revenge of the Freeman.

And hopefully in 2020 we might see the release of
Episode 4 - A Real Hope
Episode 5 - The Combine Strikes Back

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I thought as much with it being a Rockstar game it was bound to have some sort of Social Club features as all games from them recently has had this feature in some way or the other.

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I was wondering who he was talking about until i saw him!

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Wow! May's gonna be a busy month for long-in-development game releases.

First DNF and now LA Noire! I better start stocking up on bubblegum and crime novels!

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I just hope that people bare in mind that the reason there might only be 4 games on there right now is due to disc space as all Dreamcast games where around 1-2GB in size so i think that there might be more collections to come.

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Still be better then Battle Revolution i hope!

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Can't forget RAMM!

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For the 360 am thinkin off the wall with something different like a L4D Special Zombie or a Crackdown 2 Freak.

Having a freakin L4D Tank in Mortal Kombat would be awesome!

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About time they did a proper Pokemon game on the Wii!

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I hope this countdown clock on the site is for a trailer that will tell us the remake is done and coming out soon.

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Was Resident Evil 1-4 considered a shooter simply because you had a gun? No of course it wasn't. It was all about the player running away from Zombies and Crazied Villagers, trying to survive as much as possible by shooting them down most of the time isn't a Shooter.

The 5th to me was more of the Shooter then Survival Horror.

And as much as i enjoyed shooting alien nacromorths in Dead Space, i still considered it Survival Horror because thats ...

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I find it much like being able to access the Ray Gun in World at War's 3rd mission.

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Get Ready to take on the planet!

With a clip of a snowy mountain and a helicopter making its why to the summit?

Sounds and looks to me like a game that only braces 3 letters:


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It would be interesting if you could place a C4 charge on top of a friendly RC-XD and have it run around with it on.

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