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Now all we need is Miiverse and an account system on the 3DS and all will be complete!

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At the end of the day its not really Rockstar's decision it Take-Two's.

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The gamepad could also be used as the mobile phone in the game, the one used in GTA IV was just awful.

All i'd have to do on the gamepad would be touch the phone icon and the screen would then replicate the screen of a smart phone and do everything i'd need to do that way.

Ah, the possibilities are endless but of course developers these days are too lazy and un-innovated to come up with new gameplay ideas and rather focus on ULTRA REALISTIC HIGH END G...

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Sod that, were's the petition to bring it to the Wii U?

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I find these games to be very similar with each other:
-Both let you play as an American male adult with the same voice actor (Troy Baker)
-Both ordered to protect a younger girl even though during gameplay they are practically invisible to the enemy
-Both set you out on a long time-moving journey to both escape from certain places and to get the girl somewhere.
-Both force you to get attacked by hundreds of human enemies
-Both have annoying and bro...

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Thing is, what are people going to buy the most:

A £40 game for a system that they already own
A £400 (est) new system that can't play the £40 game.

Also there's around 2 months gap between the two.

So GTA 5's chance of flopping: 0%

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It begins...!

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So am i right to assume that the only real competitive console market in this up coming generation is going to be between Sony and Nintendo.

The way things are looking, its going to be like the late 90s, early
00s all over again with the Xbox One being the next Dreamcast and Sony & Nintendo left in the aftermath.

Saying that this would be a great opportunity for Sega to make a console comeback.

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As far as I know, the only major 3rd party publishers that have games in development are Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, Namco and Warner Bros.

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Crytek knows what its doing, EA doesn't or at least can't be arsed too.

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I'm glad that someone still believes in the Wii U.

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I won't believe a word of this until we get an official word from TakeTwo themselves.

Also in the article, they mentioned that WWE 13 wasn't on Wii U for this reason, failing to mention that there was actually a Wii version instead.

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I don't know, I'm not American.

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True, but this time their missions involve each other as part of the main, overall story not just coincidental run-in's.

Although a genuinely think each character will have their own, satisfying ending, with one of them most likely getting killed off if Rockstar's recent track record is anything to go by (oops, spoiler).

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I don't think Rockstar would have gone to all the trouble of creating not 1 but 3 trailers for each character. Besides, with main theme of the game being money, this game looks like it'll focus on 3 different sides of money: Rich, Poor and Gangster??

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With a name like that it sounds more like another mobile game like Jump and Dash.

I think the next proper game in the series should be Sonic Adventure 3.

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One thing that's got me recently is the fact that games don't need "super photo-realistic' graphics to sell. All it needs is great gameplay and content.

Best example is Minecraft IMHO:
Original Graphics: 3/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Content: 9/10

With over 30 million copies sold and counting it just goes to show that its not all about the way it looks that sells but how it plays and what you get out of it.

The ...

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Sadly I don't own a Wii U (yet) but I am looking forward to Nintendo bringing Miiverse to the 3DS (which I do own) sometime this year.

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It's a smart move on Gamefreaks part to have the games titles have not one meaning but two (both 3D and Chromosomes) but i very much doubt that its the last game in the series being one of Nintendo's major franchises and all.

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I like the whole idea of Mewthree being a female version of Mewtwo.

Also with the whole DNA strand in the Jpn logo and now this new member of the Mew family, it's looking more and more to me that the games story is all about chromosomes, DNA splicing and Gender differences (it also may answer some unanswered questions from the first generation about Mewtwo himself.

Plus the next movie is about Genesect, Mewtwo and now Mewthree (come on, its the third me...

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