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After watching that video, all I can say is that having an Avengers game in first person would defiantly work, and better than that, what if was made in the style of Borderlands and have it as a sort of free-roam RPG, now that would work.

But then again, maybe that's what they were aiming for, its just a shame that THDoucebag decided to cancel everything.

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A load of people must want the game, they've already raised £95,000+ in one day.

I am a fan of the Yogcast so it'll be interesting to see what they do with the game.

As for kickstarters, I can see them becoming quite popular in the future as long as the developer knows what it wants to and delivers it right to the paying fans, whether it's an old franchise, a new game based on a popular series or just a new game in general.


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I hope they add Chyna in as a legend, she's been missing from WWE games for nearly 10 years.

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I wonder when there gonna release 3D Netflix on the 3DS then?

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The games looking good, can't wait!

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When they mentioned that players can finally move and shoot at the same time isn't exactly new as not many people know that you can actually run and shoot in Resi Evil Revelations with the Circle Pad Pro attachment on, that got released last month.

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I don't understand why they don't add him as free DLC for WWE 12 if he's such a fan favourite.

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I quite like the idea and look of the Circle Pad Pro, the case being me having huge hands and finding it hard to use the 3DS after a while due to hand cramps so making it bigger is better. So in other words, bring it on!

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A September release seems plausible, at the start of the road to Christmas, as some my say, looks like a good idea to me.

An October or November release my make the month yet again too packed with releases leaving the Wii U launch in a tight space to sell its self compared to other titles on other consoles.

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I very much doubt that the Wii U launch is in February, Nintendo have already announced that they will reveal a lot if not everything about the new console at E3 and small bits of info before then.

Also I don't think Nintendo would pull a Sega stunt and have a surprise console launch out of nowhere like they did a number of years ago.

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I think the term next gen can only mean development for the Wii U as it's the only next gen console announced atm plus its been rumoured that GTA V is a Wii U launch title since before E3 2011. Rockstar know Wii U's there and it's very unlike them to release the same game across two generations of the same branded console. So I doubt it will be released on both the 360 & the 720 or the PS3 & PS4.

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It first glance of the article title, I thought it said MW3 DLC was inspired by Bethesda before reading the rest of the title!

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So, does that mean everybody can be an adventurer that took an arrow in the knee??

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To me I looks like a man sat against the wall/pillar holding a gun with both hands like he's wounded and trying to protect himself, from what or whom I don't know? Dinosaurs? Or dare I say... Zombies!!

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It would have also been better if they had not added them in the game altogether. I dont recall giant spiders being in Oblivion.

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Im glad im not the only one who has a hate for spiders in the game.

Im an arachnophopic and i have a small panic attack whenever i see one. Having one fall from the ceiling of a dungon in Skyrim does not help. I just wish that Bethesda add an option at some point to remove them from the console version before its to late.

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What would i change in Call of Duty?: Everything

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A Nintendo themed car no doubt. But which one of their franchise's is going be based upon. My guess is a Legend of Zelda car with the anniversary and with Skyward Sword's release and all!

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I can really see this catching on with everybody... not.

Why cant they just do what ubisoft did with Driver SF when their online pass code went tits up and offer it for free? It'd be much more simplier if they did that.

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EA certainly know how to rattle activision. Funny as hell though!

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