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I've just played the said winner's maps myself and i have to say, very good and very challenging.

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So thats where my Silver Gamecube went!

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Awesome, can't wait for Classic Green Hill action!

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MMM... If this happens then it'd be like the first time someone wanted to know what Shit would look like when put in a Fan!

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I agree Mr Pitchford, Mr John: I F#@king love your game. To hell with these COD playing critics. Go back to pawning on Modern Trollfest you pussies!

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Awe, shame there's no WiiU cover but still looks good, better then AA at least.

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I suppose they could call the next title Halo Forever because it might seem that way at this rate.

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I just hope they don't remove the co-op multiplayer from
Peace Walker. I've been eager to try it out ever since i heard about it.

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I have to agree, i was thinking of the same person, i remember watching Star Trek around the time is was going though Uncharted 1&2 and i thought, this guy would make an awesome Nathan Drake.

He's got the right attitude, can but up a good fight, and take on a serious role and joke around at the same time!

Chris Pine would make the perfect Nathan Drake!

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Actually not to break the article guys bubble but the first official magazine shot i saw of the Penguin in B:AC was in the Games Master magazine that was release this last Monday in Britain.

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Didn't Miyamoto say that they would be looking into having more third party support for all of there consoles and handhelds and that this is one of the main reasons why they are building this new console in the first place?

All in all a massive third party support for Project Cafe is definitely needed. I just hope its more then we'd ask for.

Personally I'd love to see Rockstar and Valve get involved with the console as well as DICE, Bethesda, ID,...

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Why do think that nobody listens to Michael Patcher when he's in the news boosting on about stuff that isn't going to happen!

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I heard similar things about Sega Rally Arcade Online which was due this last week XBLA and PSN but Sega held back both releases due to the PSN trouble and are now to release it on 18th may for both systems.

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A load of Bolocks more or less!

Bring on Wii 2 i say!

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The names Nintendo Dolphin and Revolution come to mind and their real names turned out to be the GameCube and Wii.

So its almost for certain that Cafe won't last for long. Also most Projects real names usually turn out sounding nothing like their original name.

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I agree, putting Skyrim on Wii 2 would definitely expand its audience as well as showing game dev's that good non-nintendo games can be made for Wii 2.

Am hoping to include Battlefield 3, GTA 5, Batman AC, Assasins Creed, Bioshock Inf as well as Skyrim to Wii 2's line up list.

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I think this is all down to how much bad reception Red Faction: Battlegrounds received and have decided to give it the slip. The reviews weren't all that great and i don't think hardly anyone bought it.

Still am glad it still on the way to the 3DS so all is not lost.

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The same thing happened to Arkham Asylum. It was supposed to have been released in May 2009 but got pushed back to August in which i think was a good move as you can look at how great it turned out to be. So i am happy that they delayed it so it can get polished up to the full much like the last one.

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Any word when the PS3 is getting the patch...?

....Oh Wait!

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Playstation only does everything....

..Including Blackouts!

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