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I don't know about anybody else but the mission Alternate Methods is now even harder to 100% sync after the patch. #4
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According to the trophies on the next dlc is called Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. #2
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As I said below, it's probably for The Darkness 3. #5.1
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Or maybe DE are working on The Darkness 3, it's the only other AAA 2K 1st person shooter title that's probably in development.

I hate how people jump to conclusions before anything official is announced. For me I hated the MP in Bioshock 2, not to blame DE for that but in the end it felt tacked on. Bioshock Inf doesn't need MP in the game, it'll be better with out it. #6
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What I want to know is why nothing been said about the achievement system called 'Wii U Accomplishments', it's already been announced but nothing has come about it since then. I just hope that it's available at launch. #10
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I loved Hideo in Peace Walker, although there is another easter egg tied to it that they didn't mention and that's the license plate 63824 or to put it better 24th August 1963 which is Hideo Kojima's Birthday. #2
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Not only are they counting the ports but also the multiplatform release as well.

It says on that list that Dead Rising as 11 games, that means:
DR1 - 360,Wii
DR2 - 360,PS3,PC
DR:OTR - 360,PS3,PC
and the crappy iOS game.

That counts to 11 including multiplatform releases. So all in all I'm not surprised that there's 75 Resident Evil games on that counter. #8
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I just wish someone would actually confirm something that's been on my mind about this game ever since it was announced: Can you use the Gamepad to control SP & MP vehicles?

Wouldn't it be awesome if the gamepad screen were used as the camera of the flying drones or gunships that they have in the game. #7
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Or maybe I could just quit the game and load DOOM as an arcade game?

Also wouldn't it have been easier to offer DOOM 1 & 2 as redeem codes instead? #8
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Oddly enough its all the classic villains that have ginger hair, I guess most developers thought all gingers were evil back in the 90s. #2
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I didn't understand this article at all, he starts off by talking about the console war between MS & Sony (leaving Nintendo out?) only to brush off towards the actual topic at the end. Some people just don't know how to do articles properly these days. #8
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@ under taker 34

You must have miss read the timeline, Snake and Liquid were born in 1972, Peace Walker takes place in 1974, Ground Zeroes takes place probably in 1976+ given by the look of the aging Big Boss and the mention of Chico and Paz.

Big Boss never talks about his children in PW so it's likely that he ether didn't know or was to disgusted by it to mention. #1.2.8
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I think Sphax BD Craft is a definite must for the 360 version, it's quite a popular one and its been used by most of the Yogscast atm. #4
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I can see people's point about the Wii U getting ports of older games but as far as I'm aware there's only 2 games that are being released that are 6 months to a year between their first release (them being Mass Effect 3 and Batman) but also come with additional and exclusive content.

Games like AC3, Darksiders 2, and Black Ops 2 have been in development along side the other versions for a while. Only the Wii U versions are constrained by the consoles actual relea... #6
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I hope we see more from the team up of Nintendo and Platinum Games, It's been going good so far. #12
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Expansion Title: End Game

Map: Jurassic Park

Awesome Rating Out of 10: 11 #7
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A release date is what we want. #7
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What are you talking about? Wii U came before Smartglass not the other way round. #1.2.1
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All I can see with this is Sony telling us to spend over £400 on a PS3 and Vita for a feature that's hardly ever gonna get used, well in this generation at least.

Were as the Wii U has it built in from start and every game can benefit from its features.

This is the problem I see with newer tech being add to old tech like the Wii Motion Plus and PS Move. The reason Motion Plus hardly has any games for it is due to developers taking a complete shot in... #9
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I presume their mainly story based hidden trophies, I thought it was odd that there wasn't any trophies for finishing the game. #5
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