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Regardless. It should still be fun playing games on a new console. I am loving playing all the PS4 games that were not given high scores.

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If this is a return to hard reviews pre 6th gen then i am all for it.

The truth is 9's and 10's were thrown around too many times last gen that so many average games got them.

To me it was a sign that some reviewers were being paid by publishers.

Before last gen a 7 was a solid score and now it seems like a below average score.

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Oh they are. I don't blame them though.

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Its a really really big loss for them though.

This was EA's chance to beat Acti's COD's sales wise.

This was THAT franchise that could have done it. Now they have completely botched its roll out this gen.

The impact of this decision will not just affect the sales of Titanfall for its first iteration but its sales for future iteration.

Establishing a brand new franchise you want to be a best seller will require bei...

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Funny how this works.

Sony came out with the PS3 last gen with so many non gaming(entertainment)features that it was blasted by the media for not being a gaming console.

I mean all the attacks about the PS3 being use only for Blu ray movie etc etc.

I mean the PS3 out of the box was a media streamer, linux box, BC with PS2,PS1. Had wireless high fi, HDMI for high def audios and movies, Standard HD, Media card slot et etc. How the media acted t...

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Sony tried that with the PS3 and they got savaged for it. They expanded on what they did with the PS2 in regards to non gaming features. Dont you remember the hate?. In fact i think you were one of them.

The PS3 is the best console bar none last gen with regards to extra feature but Sony got so much hate for it that i understand them not wanting a repeat for the PS4.

Even though Sony kept on producing GOTY games year after year the PS3 was still not consider...

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It looks lit it was EA's way of softening the blow of not being on the leading last gen HD console and leading current gen console.

Being on PC will soften the blow for them somewhat

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Sony fans on N4G is NOT all ps fans.

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Damit why cod.

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Good prince

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It will?.It already does matter.

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You have more than a few thousands to deliver asap. There is bound to be the odd one damaged. It does suck though.

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Oh you can expect the same thing next week.

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Alot of good recommendations for binary domain i see. Its like very cheap now so will buy the hard copy instead.

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KZsf has impressed me the most. Those effects are insane.

Never had this problem before at launch trying to stick to one game as i am jumping around from one game to another like a kid on christmas day with too many present.

Big contrast with PS3 launch which i only played Resistance for the longest time lol!

In terms of hardware asthetics though none can beat my shinny 60 giger PS3.

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Like last gen soon your wallet will be crying for mercy lol!.

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Listen to every breath you take by the police. Thats how creepy that camera is.

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Oh Shu you loveable troll.

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Yep same here. Great for those that enjoy this though.

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Yeah same here. Nice option like cross game chat for those that want it but personally they dont matter much to me.

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