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That student if found and his crime proven will most likely get the death penalty.

China takes these case extremely seriously because it will affect their manufacturing sector negatively is this is true.

I just hope this is not true not just for this kid but also for anyother potential PS4 owner getting one of these allegedly bad PS4.

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They are just desprate for anything even though they know it is not as widespread as they claim.

If it was anything like RROD it will be all over the news.

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The gameplay and the story is top notch.

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What if uncharted comes out in 2014?.

I love infamous as you can tell by my name but for me it is going to be The Order.

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We wont know anything for sure until a month or so.

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Well i am pretty sure this is more desired than a creepy camera.

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I am a PS fan and i am reasonable. Check my comment history @starchild and find where i am bashing the x1.

You lot are deluded. Didn't even know i am being followed which is creepy.

The PS4 sold more than 1 million in 24hrs and yet we get these articles left right and center about an issue that will take weeks if not months to fully get a clear picture.

If anything it just shows you xbox fans are desperate to find anything to latch whic...

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You people have short memories. Sony never disappoint regarding games.

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Love that movie

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You think its bad for ms now?. lol!.

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You do know that Sony has more devs than Nin and MS right?.

How many Goty games have Nin or MS produced the last couple of years?.

Sony have more highly rate exclusive franchise than Nin or ms.

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You do know that a very small number of people with working PS4 will post reviews becuse they woulnt care and are busy playing right?.

The opposite if yours is not working and spending time on the internet venting.

Use common sense.

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I give up.

Its open season on x1 when it releases. I tried to be diplomatic but you xbox fans will not quit.

Its only been out for 3 bloody days.

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Oh but Sony will continue to murder Nin and xbox with goty games throughout the PS4 lifetime. To me this is important as i dont buy a game console only for lauch games.

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Its only been out 3 bloddy days. Use common sense

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lol! No man. I am a PS fan but i would def not like those ps trolls. It is very good of you to point them out.

We can argue and all but going that far is really low.

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Month vs 24 hours.

Yes the PS4 has sold 5 times the amount of PS3 sold in a month in 24 hrs.


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As i have said a million times already. Mobile gaming will never replace console gaming.

Mobile gaming will never have

1. The graphics of console gaming
2. Screen size of console gaming
3. The sound of console gaming
4. The ease and fun of console gaming at home with friends

The majority of those kids playing mobile games will eventually grow up and want something more deep than mbile gaming. Its a given. Console gami...

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Well Sony PS. Thankyou for

1. Sticking it through for us in hard times.
2. Buying and hiring more talent that have given us the best games last gen.
3. For continuing to support our last gen consoles still.
4. For continuing to push console gaming forward
5. For sticking up for us consoles gamers this gen.

So thankyou. Truly deserve it and more.

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Agree. Despite the fact that there are a very small number of defects. It still is better if Sony do try sort them out still.

Yes I am sure they are very relieved at Sony. They truly deserve it though. They had a really hard time lately and its great for them to get a hot item this season. More happy for the PS division. They stuck it out and kept pushing and hiring more talent and bringing some of the best games we have seen in gaming for the last couple of years.

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