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lol! they can try but the Germans have called kinetic an evil device. NSA tapping inot Merkels phone will not help the x1 in germans minds.

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Yeah it has been a fairly smooth launch compare to the PS3.

To top it off they sold 1 million in 24hrs is amazing with the planning an all.

It's a marathon though not a sprint. Mission accomplish for Sony is when they pass the 100 million mark. 1 down 99 to go.

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I honestly thought they sold about 400k by now and 1 million by the end of the week. Nuts they sold this much in one day. Wow.

All the hype and good will towards the PS4 is real.

I mean i knew it was going to sell but you never know these things until it is released.

I am really glad for Sony and especially the PS division. They have stuck it through the hard times and kept putting up the good fight hiring and buying more staff and greenlight...

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Which already is. Diablo Reaper and Kingdom undefire 2 is confirmed to be comming to the PS4 only and not others.

Yes there will be even more soon with the way the PS4 is selling.

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Sofar it has been a pretty smooth launch for PS4 for Sony. A big contrast to the craziness that was the PS3 launch.

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Can we just wait until the dust settles and know for sure the actual failure rate?.

This is silly. Its been out for less than 2 days and we are seeing constant articles about this.

Even if there is total of 4 thousand bricked PS4 its probably only 1 percent of PS4 out now.

We are arguing over something we really don't know for sure.

I advise the same for next week when the x1 launches. Wait until 2 week or even a month to...

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Some of us are just one + at home.

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The customer is always right especially in his case.

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Great article.

The attention is good for those legit bricked but unfortunately many fanboys will use social media to make it wose thant it is.

The same will happen when the x1 is released.

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Yep best since the original Full metal for me.

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Its for yeild issues.

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This is great though. This is half the memory of last gen consoles extra with and extra low power processor.

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b = bits
B = Bytes = 8bits

Therefore 2Gb/8bits = 256mb

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Before anyone blows a gasket. Its Gb NOT GB.

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The only PS2 game in played on my PS3 is GOW2.

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Gross hardware wise. Meaning they are selling the hardware at $100 more than it cost to manufacture the unit.

Sony is not selling them at a "PROFIT" when you take everything else into consideration like R&D, logistics, marketing etc.

Some of you people need to read it before jumping to conclusions. The big give away is "GROSS"

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Didnt you guys see GROSS?

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Getting the expansion for PC. PS4 gamers only are in for a big treat. They will get the base game plus the expansion.

This is a very very big console exclusive.

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PSN is slow for me. Thats it.

Having a blast with KZ campaign. How it got lower scores to COD ghost is criminal. I am done with reviewers. Lost all respect for the whole lot.

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