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Really really cool. Better than watching some biased/paid game journalist.

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Jack. Morepowerofgreen wants a word with you.

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GT is more than just a game. It is a movement. Froza will always be just a game and Dan Green wad will always be a douche with an inferiority complex.

I understand Kaz respecting him but i will never respect him.

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Yes tearaway!!!

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You are paying more because you guys pay more taxes than in NA.

Belive me Sony would love to sell the PS4 the same price as in NA to ensure more people buy it as the money is in Software games and now services. Hardware is just the vehicle.

The extra taxes has to be paid by someone and unfortunatley its you guys.

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Pay for shortcuts?. Lol!

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Reso is like defenders on steroid. I love it. I used to rock defenders so hard on the Atari.

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It is the easiest way to get attention unfortunately.

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I really do hope these people will get to experience PS4 in time for Christmas.

Great news for Sony as well

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Google it.

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To those that are bashing PS4 because of launch games.

Look at PS1,2,3 history of games to understand.

When i bought my PS4 in full in June i knew that my PS4 will still get AAA games 7 years later like it was the case with PS1,2,3.

If you lot are this impaitent and shortsighted that is fine. Suits you guys agenda i guess.

History is on Sonys side. You can bet that after next year you will see little if any new ips from MS an...

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They shouldn't have shown the gameplay at the back because i was just in awe of that and forgot about the interview lol!

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The thing is about pride for them and not just money.

With the way they left Acti i am sure they were hoping to beat COD at least sales wise with Titanfall. Now it will most likely not happen because of this deal.

Vince shold know better than to trust a publisher especially EA. I mean they left because they were tired of MOH.

They should have gone independent.

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Perhaps Sony but not me. The game i really want is LOD 2.

I ma not sure why yet people are not sick of FPS yet.

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Well at least it can beat the PS4 in something lol! Jk

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MS engineering.

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It's going to take a while for FPS to die down. A host of young gamers were exposed last gen and will continue to play them this gen

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Its a hard call on that. Do you trust the big paid sites or do you trust the small independent but potentially fanboy sites?.

Personally though i never relied on reviewers. If i want a game i get it.

With twitch and a host of other social media for this new gen there will be less need for gamers to need game reviewers as they can see more and trust other gamers they know reviews.

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