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As any straight male i dont like it but i will not be a dick and be offensive about it.

Fact is everyone is different and this is something everyone should just accept both sides.

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Enough with the World of Warcraft crap.

I want a proper Warcraft 4.

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Price will be the key factor.

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Can we just all agree the PS4 is stonger and shut up about it now?

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they run a business and those select few are the loyal ones that have spent a lot of money already. they deserve it so it is great that they get something in return.

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ok i am a ps fan but this is stupid. giving free games is good regardless.

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I have read some bad previews before but this takes the cake.


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Dude. I love Lair.

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The ui is rendered using the cloud you see.

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The power of the cloud. lmao!!

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Love the dynamic lightning btw.

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Its all about the money unfortunately.

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Feels like an ad for BMW which is a good thing.

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xbox exclusives?. Is this a joke?.

and the cloud?. It is crazy how easily people are fooled by MS.

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You got to be kidding me. Holy cow.

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I am just glad the Vita is picking up.

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King on the North?.



You must be a Scandinavian.

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It really is amazing how the gaming media is giving MS a pass on this. I remember everyone bashing Sony and the PS3 for cell/bluray and costing more for less performance compare to the x360 on multiplats.

Suddenly it does not matter this time around.

We are talking about 2 times the pixels here out of the gate on multiplat. It is huge.

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The difference one is native 1080p and the other is not.

The end.

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Heavy. Put on a helmet.

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