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lol!. Or parrots that likes repeating themselves.

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Totally agree.

Almost every muiti plat have side by side comparison with the majority favouring the x360 this gen and now suddenly they don't matter anymore.

It makes me want to puke because there is so much money being used in the gaming industry now like in politics.

As a gamer it makes me sick.

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1. 1080p vs 720p is a big difference.
2. Media hypocrisy

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Someone please tell him that you play resolution when you play games as it is part of the game.

WTF?. Are MS reps really this stupid?.

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Good. ME3 while not as good as the other 2 the series is still one of the best and i am looking forward to the next one in the series.

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This is the beauty of having option. You get to chose depending on weather "you" want/need it or not.

Personally for me no i don't want it so i am not getting it. I bought Move for the PS3 and while it is nice in the beginning the novelty wore off fast for me.

Look, at the end i really don't want to be moving around doing things that i can simply do by pressing a button in a game.

The only time i will consider buying a camer...

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Mobile gaming can't replace console gaming. It really is that simple. The reason why people like console gaming is its ease of use with a relax setup, big screen, great sound and great games with high production values.

You can't do all of these with mobile gaming and why there will always be a place for console gaming. The same way current console graphics will never meet current PC high end graphics. The same will always be true between console graphics and mobile ...

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Cheaper is a deceptive word. The specs for the PS4 is better than X1 for gaming at least.

The problem is MS had to force kinetic and other crap in their fight for the living against Apple and Google which is stupid and resulted in the inflated price and lesser resources for gaming.

The all in one entertainment devices bar console gaming will be mobile devices like Smartphones or tablets. Not dedicated devices that is limited to the living room. The only exce...

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I find this odd. I thought MS were doing well in the console business

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Kneon is right.

Entertainment has gone way past the living room already. This fight for the living room entertainment apart from console gaming is stupid.

Honestly. How many families nowadays sit together in the living room watching the same thing on TV?.

Almost everyone has a screen now weather its a smartphone or tablet that allows them to watch what they want when they want and multi task at the same time.

This is 2013. N...

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Haven't you heard?.

The new xbox fanboys slogan this gen is "Less is more!!".

Lesser resolution, framerate, exclusives and now cars number is better than more.

The only exception is the price of the console in which more is more lol!.

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Oh man that would be super awesome. Mix in a bit of fantasy like in the first game and we will have a winner.

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And that is perfectly fine. I never apologie for being uncomfortable watching gay activity nor should you.

However if i am being offensive about it to gays or towards people that are ok with gays then that is not alright.

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You should not make it go away. It's who you are. Dam those that say you are a gay hater for being uncomfortable seeing two males kiss. Why?. Because it is not natural and most of us are not brought up seeing guys kissing guys.

It is very natural for us to not feel comfortable seeing guys kiss guys as a result and fuck those that don't understand this and attack people like us for not being comfortable about it.

The same way i don't attach those ...

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Tell me about it. I completely hate WoW even though i am perhaps the biggest Blizzard fanboy alive. It's not that it casualized Warcraft but the quality is just not up to the insanely high quality that Blizzard is known for.

I just want a Warcraft 4 that takes place straight after the events of 3.

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The only game i want from xbox right now is Quantum Break. Thats it. Titanfall will be on PC and has not convinced me yet.

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I still don;t understand why this would be a big deal to PS fans if true.

Gears is way overrated.

Story/character wise is pathetic.

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Agree. Everything went downhill after 1.

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Not by a long shot.

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I hope it is a new franchise because Gears is old.

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