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Hey guys do you know how i can remove my account from N4G?.

I had enough of the stupid moderators on this site.

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He always does not have much good things to say about either though.

I knew for sure though that he did favour the PS4 over the X1 and he showed a video of his receipt straight after E3 in which he had bought a PS4 in full.

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The Boss. You can't get any more stronger than that.

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If Nathan drake is shirtless in Uncharted or even a cover i am pretty sure most guy gamers wouldn't give a shit.

Honestly i don't give a fvck.

It's like somehow having a sexy woman in gaming is bad or sending a bad message. I still don't understand this logic.

It's just people over thinking things and jumping to conclusions or making a mountain out a mole hill because they are stuck up or are just looking at creating cont...

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This game will be a dark horse next year for GOTY.

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??. So saying she is hot is somehow means she is not good enough?.

Stop over thinking everything.Its stuck up people like you that really pisses me off.

ND have some of the best or if not the best devs in the business. She will be running with the big boys at ND.

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Glad i am not the only one lol!.

At first she asked what move i was watching hehe. She hassled me to play it when she is at home and she bought both Uncharted 2 and 3 for me to play and for her to watching the story unfold lol!.

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Man she is super hot. Better still she is a super hot coder.

And now that she is with the Dogs. She will be a mega hot super coder.

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Its obvious that the X1 does not like physical media lol!

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It is broken as hell on PC. I am very disappointed. They should have just focused on the PC version first.

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Its smartphone and tablets. It is so stupid for MS tp push for an all in one entertainment for the living room when tech is heading the opposit direction.

Most families dont have time anymore to gather around the living room for entertainment. Entertainment is not confined to the living room anymore. Entertainment is on the net/local wifi accessiable on your tablet/smartphone screen. You dont have to share or be in the living room to view. You can choose whatever you want to ...

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1. My PC is not manufactured by MS.
2. I have not used Windows platform since 2004 because it is shit. Any linux is 100 times better not just for desktop but also servers.
3. Go back to school kid.

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Car porn!!

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Did it have a status/progress bar?.

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I am not surprised one bit.

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Here is to another 1 million by first or second day.

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its what you get for buying a MS product.

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Well it is expected of you MS.

The problem must be so bad for them to say this so soon.

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I love Crash more than Jak and Dexter. There i said it.

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