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It's a mash-up of the existing media, plus two brief moments of new footage. There's the scene with the Leviathan knocking Noctis off the bridge and then a clip of Noctis speaking to Ignis through a hologram.

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Why would they stage the game's unveiling at a major trade fair in the west only to release it exclusively in Japan?

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Baba's voiced his team's commitment to the PS3 for the foreseeable future, so I wouldn't worry about a mobile apocalypse ;)

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I don't believe the third party production team handles localizations. They'd likely go to 8-4 or Ocean Group, who wouldn't be able to touch the licensing for the game's OST, which would be downright criminal.

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There's no question that it will be just like the previous Dynasty Warrior Gundam games. If you're looking for something more Gundam-esque, check out the free-to-play Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation on the Japanese PSN Store or import the amazingly amazing Gundam Extreme VS for the PS3.

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The first three were localized so I think it's a safe bet that this one will be as well.

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I love the theme song! Manami Matsumae is so awesome and since she's on board that soundtrack tier is really tempting.

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I've had my copy pre-ordered for weeks and I'm anxiously anticipating its arrival :D

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At the very least, it's coming out for a region-free platform from a publisher without an online-pass policy. And coupled with the fact that it's a fighting game rather than something more heavy on story, this will be a very import-friendly title.

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I believe Pachter's been pretty confident in Nintendo's place in the handheld market; it's just their developments in the console race he's been consistently negative about.

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Is there a reason why the author neglected to mention Zebra? He's clearly in the scan.

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It's a Japan-only patch for the arcade version.

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Um, the game is coming to both the PS4 and the Xbox One. It's on the front page of the official website.

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I don't want to spoil anything, but on paper, Ali Hillis is a good choice for Milla. Milla's very stiff, especially at the start of the game. Kind of robotic in a way, not super familiar with human interaction.

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But this cookie dough IS delicious!

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MMOs aren't my cup of tea either and I'm STILL stoked for this! :D

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Here's a screenshot:

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Whoa. Cool that someone from Atlus responded in the review's comments section.

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I'm really hoping this isn't the case. It would be so much more preferable if it was right on the heels of the next live letter.

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When/where did they state that the game's roster consisted of 45 characters in total?

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